Definition of prevarication Pronunciation
1. Deviation from what is right or correct; transgression, perversion.
2. Evasion of the truth; deceit, evasiveness.
Prevarication became the order of the day in his government while truth was a stranger in those halls.
3. A secret abuse in the exercise of a public office.
4. The collusion of an informer with the defendant, for the purpose of making a sham prosecution.
5. A false or deceitful seeming to undertake a thing for the purpose of defeating or destroying it.
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English - English - prevarication Pronunciation
n. deception, act of intentionally misleading; lie, untruth, false statement
n. corrupt practices, practice of stealing and taking advantage of others; maladministration, misgovernment
English - Spanish - prevarication Pronunciation
s. prevaricación, prevaricato, tergiversación
English - French - prevarication Pronunciation
n. déception; tergiversation, hésitation; mensonge
English - German - prevarication Pronunciation
n. Ausflucht, Umgehung der Wahrheit
English - Italian - prevarication Pronunciation
s. il giocare sull'equivoco; tergiversazione, risposta evasiva; menzogna, bugia
English - Polish - prevarication Pronunciation
n. wykręt, krętactwo, dwuznacznik, dwuznaczność, matactwo, kłamstwo
English - Portuguese - prevarication Pronunciation
s. embuste, engano; mentira; prevaricação
English - Romanian - prevarication Pronunciation
n. ocolirea adevărului
English - Russian - prevarication Pronunciation
с. увиливание, уклончивость
English - Turkish - prevarication Pronunciation
i. kaçamak söz, yalan, yalan ifade
English - Ukrainian - prevarication Pronunciation
n. ухиляння
English - Dutch - prevarication Pronunciation
zn. leugen
English - Greek - prevarication Pronunciation
ουσ. υπεκφυγή, ανακρίβεια, διαστροφή, στρεψοδικία
English - Arabic - prevarication Pronunciation
‏مراوغة، عذز، نصف الحقيقة، مواربة‏
English - Chinese - prevarication Pronunciation
(名) 支吾; 搪塞
English - Chinese - prevarication Pronunciation
(名) 支吾; 搪塞
English - Hindi - prevarication Pronunciation
n. वाक्‌-छल
English - Japanese - prevarication Pronunciation
(名) うそつき, ごまかし, 偽り
English - Vietnamese - prevarication Pronunciation
n. lời nói không rỏ ràng

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Synonyms for prevarication
falsehood: fabrication, lie, fib, untruth, falsification, invention, mendacity