Definition of prime Pronunciation
1. First in importance, degree, or rank.
Our prime concern here is to keep the community safe.
2. First in time, order, or sequence.
Both the English and French governments established prime meridians in their capitals.
3. First in excellence, quality, or value.
This is a prime location for a bookstore.
4. Having exactly two integral factors: itself and unity (1 in the case of integers).
Thirteen is a prime number.
5. Such that if it divides a product, it divides one of the multiplicands.
6. Having its complement closed under multiplication: said only of ideals.
7. Marked or distinguished by the prime symbol.
8. Early; blooming; being in the first stage.
9. Lecherous; lustful; lewd.
10. One of the daily offices of prayer of the Western Church, associated with the early morning (typically 6 a.m.).
11. The early morning.
12. The earliest stage of something.
13. The most active, thriving, or successful stage or period.
14. The chief or best individual or part.
15. The first note or tone of a musical scale.
16. The first defensive position, with the sword hand held at head height, and the tip of the sword at head height.
17. A prime element of a mathematical structure, particularly a prime number.
3 is a prime.
18. A four-card hand containing one card of each suit in the game of primero; the opposite of a flush in poker.
19. Six consecutive blocks, which prevent the opponent's pieces from passing.
I'm threatening to build a prime here.
20. The symbol ′
21. Any number expressing the combining weight or equivalent of any particular element; so called because these numbers were respectively reduced to their lowest relative terms on the fixed standard of hydrogen as 1.
22. An inch, as composed of twelve seconds in the duodecimal system.
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English - English - prime Pronunciation
n. state of perfection; state of highest quality; state of prosperity; springtime; childhood; dawn, sunrise; prime number, number that is not divisible by any number except itself and 1 (Mathematics)
v. prepare for use, make ready; load, fill; carry out a preliminary and/or preparatory act
adj. principal, major, chief; central, main; select, choice, of the highest quality; initial, first; excellent, superior
English - Spanish - prime Pronunciation
s. primo; florecimiento
v. cebar, imprimar
adj. primero, primo; de primera, de primera clase
Spanish - English - prime Pronunciation
[primar] v. give priority; take precedence
English - French - prime Pronunciation
n. perfection; le meilleur; floraison; printemps; enfance; aurore; nombre cardinal; commencement
v. amorcer, apprêter; charger; préparer
adj. premier; majeur, principal; excellent, de première qualité, choisi, sélectionné, supérieur
English - German - prime Pronunciation
n. Anfangszeit; Blüte (zeit); Frühgottesdienst; Minutenzeichen
v. scharfmachen; erst; vorbereiten
adj. Haupt-, prinzipiell, gewählt; erst-; hervorragend
English - Italian - prime Pronunciation
s. apice, culmine; periodo aureo, epoca di massimo splendore; principio, inizio, primo periodo; parte migliore; il migliore; (Lit) prima
v. (Mil) caricare con polvere da sparo; (Mot) iniettare combustibile in, (gerg) cicchettare; (Idr) adescare; (estens) riempire; imbottire; (estens) preparare, approntare; (fig) mettere al corrente; (Mur
agg. primario, primo, principale, fondamentale; il più importante; primitivo, originario; di prima qualità, ottimo, eccellente
English - Portuguese - prime Pronunciation
s. principal; aurora; madrugada; vigor; flor da juventude; primavera; número primo (na matemática)
v. causar o funcionamento de-; preparar (para o uso); carregar; começar, iniciar
adj. primeiro, principal; o mais importante; escolhido, eleito; primário; excelente
English - Russian - prime Pronunciation
с. начало, весна, расцвет; лучшая часть; заутреня, простое число, первая позиция
г. воспламенять; вставлять запал, вставлять взрыватель; заправлять, заливать перед пуском; напоить, накормить досыта; заранее снабжать информацией; натаскивать к экзамену, учить готовым ответам; грунтовать
прил. первоначальный, первичный, главный, важнейший, основной, превосходный, лучший, наилучший
English - Turkish - prime Pronunciation
f. ağızotu koymak (tüfek), tulumbaya su koymak, astar sürmek, içirip sarhoş etmek, söylemesi gerekeni öğretmek
i. en güzel zaman, gençlik, hayatın baharı, olgunluk çağı, mükemmel şey, asal sayı, başlangıç, ilk dönem, ana nota, savunma duruşu
s. baş, ilk, birincil, en önemli, başlıca, asal
French - English - prime Pronunciation
adj. incentive, provocative, stimulating
German - English - prime Pronunciation
adj. principal, major, chief; central, main; select, choice, of the highest quality; initial, first; excellent, superior
English - Dutch - prime Pronunciation
bn. eerste, voornaamst, oorspronkelijk, grond-, prima, uitstekend, puik
zn. begin, aanvang, oorspronkelijk : oorspronkelijke toestand
ww. grondverven, voorbereiden, inlichten, instrueren, africhten
English - Greek - prime Pronunciation
ουσ. αρχή, ακμή
ρήμ. ετοιμάζω, κατατοπίζω, γομώ όπλον, κατηχώ
επίθ. εξαίρετος, πρώτος
French - Spanish - prime Pronunciation
1. (cadeau) obsequio (m)
2. (assurance) prima (f)
3. (argent) bono (m); bonificación (f); prima (f)
French - German - prime Pronunciation
n. prämie, zulage, beitrag, handgeld, startgeld
French - Italian - prime Pronunciation
1. (cadeau) omaggio (m)
2. (assurance) premio (m)
3. (argent) gratifica (f); premio (m); bonus {invariable}
French - Portuguese - prime Pronunciation
1. (cadeau) presente (m); prêmio (m)
2. (assurance) prêmio (m)
3. (argent) bonificação (f); bônus (m); abono (m)
French - Russian - prime Pronunciation
n. награждение (f), премия (f), набавка зарплаты (f), страховой: страховая премия (f), приз (f)
a. первый
French - Turkish - prime Pronunciation
[le] prim, ikramiye; müşteriye verilen hediye; sigorta primi
German - Italian - prime Pronunciation
n. prima (f), pagina: prima pagina di un foglio (f)
German - Russian - prime Pronunciation
n. прима (f)
German - Turkish - prime Pronunciation
ilk, bas, baslica, en önemli, en kaliteli, en iyi, baslangiç, asal sayi, agizotu koymak, benzin püskürtmek, astar çekmek
French - Dutch - prime Pronunciation
1. (cadeau) weggevertje (n)
2. (assurance) premie (f); verzekeringspremie (f)
3. (argent) bonus (m); premie (f); toeslag (m)
English - Chinese - prime Pronunciation
(名) 最初, 初期; 春天; 黎明; 青年
(动) 灌注, 装填; 使起动; 为...装火药; 在...上涂底漆; 作准备
(形) 最初的; 基本的; 原始的; 原有的
English - Chinese - prime Pronunciation
(名) 最初, 初期; 春天; 黎明; 青年
(動) 灌注, 裝填; 使起動; 為...裝火藥; 在...上塗底漆; 作準備
(形) 最初的; 基本的; 原始的; 原有的
English - Japanese - prime Pronunciation
(形) 重要な; 主要な; 選りすぐりの; 抜群な; 最高級の
(名) 最盛期, 全盛期; 素数
(動) 用意する; ガソリンを入れる; 呼び水をする; 火薬を詰める; 下塗りをする
English - Korean - prime Pronunciation
명. 완전한 상태; 최고; 번영; 혈기왕성한 때; 청년기; 이른 아침; 소수(수학)
동. ...에 뇌관을 달다, ...에 도화선을 달다, 폭발물 따위에 뇌관을 달다, 폭발물 따위에 도화선을 달다, 펌프에 마중물을 붓다, 물을 빨아올리기 위하여 펌프에 마중물을 붓다, 애벌칠하다, 초벽하다, 화면 따위를 애벌칠하다, 화면 따위를 초벽하다, 벽 따위를 애벌칠하다, 벽 따위를 초벽하다, ...에게 미리 가르쳐 알게 하다, 채우다, 뇌관을 장치하여 발화 준비를 하다, 도화선을 /*ECT*/
형. 주요한; 중앙의, 주된; 일류의, 최상의; 처음의; 훌륭한, 우수한

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Synonyms for prime
1. excellent: unparalleled, superior, top, choice, best
2. primary: principal, chief, fundamental
3. original: earliest, beginning, first
Verb forms for prime
Present participle: priming
Present: prime (3.person: primes)
Past: primed
Future: will prime
Present conditional: would prime
Present Perfect: have primed (3.person: has primed)
Past Perfect: had primed
Future Perfect: will have primed
Past conditional: would have primed