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English English - Definition of procrastinate 
v. postpone, put off until a later time; delay, hold back, defer
v. procrastinate, postpone, defer, delay
Spanish English To Spanish - procrastinate 
v. dilatar, andar con dilaciones, posponer todo, postergar, procrastinar, tomarse mucho tiempo
French English To French - procrastinate 
v. temporiser, repousser à plus tard, remettre au lendemain
German English To German - procrastinate 
v. hinauszögern (auf einen späteren Zeitpunkt); zaudern
Italian English To Italian - procrastinate 
v. temporeggiare, indugiare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - procrastinate 
v. adiar (convidar para mais tarde); retardar
Russian English To Russian - procrastinate 
г. мешкать, откладывать со дня на день
Turkish English To Turkish - procrastinate 
f. ertelemek, geciktirmek, ağırdan almak, oyalanmak
Albanian English To Albanian - procrastinate 
v. shtyj për më vonë, vonoj, zvarrit, zvarris
Dutch English To Dutch - procrastinate 
ww. talmen, verdagen, uitstellen
Greek English To Greek - procrastinate 
ρήμ. αναβάλλω, χρονοτριβώ, αργοπορώ
ChineseS English To ChineseS - procrastinate 
(动) 延迟; 耽搁
ChineseT English To ChineseT - procrastinate 
(動) 延遲; 耽擱
Japanese English To Japanese - procrastinate 
(動) 延期する; 遅らせる; 後回しする
Korean English To Korean - procrastinate 
동. 연기하다, 미루다; 잠시 중단하다
verb: postpone doing what one should be doing Example:He did not want to write the letter and procrastinated for days.
verb: postpone or delay needlessly Example:He procrastinated the matter until it was almost too late.


 Synonyms for procrastinate
dismiss: pass over, defer, neglect, suspend, discard, let slip
Tenses for procrastinate
Present participle: procrastinating
Present: procrastinate (3.person: procrastinates)
Past: procrastinated
Future: will procrastinate
Present conditional: would procrastinate
Present Perfect: have procrastinated (3.person: has procrastinated)
Past Perfect: had procrastinated
Future Perfect: will have procrastinated
Past conditional: would have procrastinated

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