Definition of profits Pronunciation
1. The excess of revenues over outlays in a given period of time (including depreciation and other non-cash expenses).
2. Something won (especially money).
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English - Spanish - profits Pronunciation
utilidad, usufructo, beneficios, ganancias, beneficio, entradas, rendimiento
English - French - profits Pronunciation
bénéfice, gains, bénéficie, produit
English - German - profits Pronunciation
Gewinne, Erträge, Profite, Reibach, Ertrag, Erlos
French - English - profits Pronunciation
n. earning: earnings, gaining: gainings, avail: avails, earning, sdoil
English - Greek - profits Pronunciation
ουσ. κέρδη
French - Spanish - profits Pronunciation
(compagnie) ingresos (mp); entradas (fp)
French - Italian - profits Pronunciation
(compagnie) profitti (mp)
French - Portuguese - profits Pronunciation
(compagnie) lucro (m); rendimento (m)
French - Dutch - profits Pronunciation
(compagnie) inkomsten (fp)
English - Arabic - profits Pronunciation
ربح, كسب, استفاد, انتفع
ربح, الفائدة, فائدة, مكسب, كسب, نفع, ثمرة, عائدة, الفرق بين سعر الشراء و سعرلبيع
English - Japanese - profits Pronunciation
(名) 利益, 利回り

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