Definition of profoundly Pronunciation
1. With depth, meaningfully.
He thought and wrote profoundly.
2. Very importantly.
More profoundly, it has shaken our most fundamental assumptions.
3. Deeply; very.
From his childhood, she was profoundly troubled.
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English - Spanish - profoundly Pronunciation
adv. profundamente
English - French - profoundly Pronunciation
adv. profondément
English - German - profoundly Pronunciation
adv. tief, zutiefst, tiefgründig, inniglich, gründlich
English - Italian - profoundly Pronunciation
avv. profondamente; in modo approfondito; intensamente; totalmente, completamente
English - Portuguese - profoundly Pronunciation
adv. profundamente
English - Romanian - profoundly Pronunciation
adv. profund, deosebit
English - Russian - profoundly Pronunciation
нареч. глубоко
English - Turkish - profoundly Pronunciation
derinden; çok, son derece
English - Ukrainian - profoundly Pronunciation
adv. глибоко, серйозно, вглиб, вглибшки, зглибока
English - Greek - profoundly Pronunciation
επίρ. κατά βάθος, εμβριθώς, βαθέως
English - Arabic - profoundly Pronunciation
English - Chinese - profoundly Pronunciation
adv. 深深 (shen1 shen1), 深奥 (shen1 ao4)
English - Chinese - profoundly Pronunciation
adv. 深深 (shen1 shen1), 深奧 (shen1 ao4)
English - Hindi - profoundly Pronunciation
adv. गंभीरतापूर्वक
English - Japanese - profoundly Pronunciation
(副) 深く, ずっしり, 倩, 深遠に

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