Definition of profoundness Pronunciation
1. Extremeness of degree.
The profoundness of his ignorance.
2. Intellectual depth; penetrating knowledge; keen insight; etc.
The profoundness of the silence.
3. The quality of being physically deep.
4. The intellectual ability to penetrate deeply into ideas.
5. Wisdom that is recondite and abstruse and profound.
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English - English - profoundness Pronunciation
n. deepness, reconditeness; abstractness, quality of having deep meaning; seriousness, soberness
English - Spanish - profoundness Pronunciation
s. profundidad
English - French - profoundness Pronunciation
n. profondeur; pénétration, force; intensité; sérieux
English - German - profoundness Pronunciation
n. Tiefe; Tiefsinnigkeit
English - Indonesian - profoundness Pronunciation
n. mendalam: sifat mendalam, kedalaman
English - Italian - profoundness Pronunciation
s. profondità
English - Polish - profoundness Pronunciation
n. głębokość, dogłębność
English - Portuguese - profoundness Pronunciation
s. profundidade; profundeza; abismo
English - Romanian - profoundness Pronunciation
n. adâncime, profunzime
English - Russian - profoundness Pronunciation
с. глубина, пропасть, огромная глубина
English - Turkish - profoundness Pronunciation
i. derinlik, hikmet
English - Ukrainian - profoundness Pronunciation
n. глибина
English - Dutch - profoundness Pronunciation
zn. diepte
English - Greek - profoundness Pronunciation
ουσ. εμβρίθεια, βαθύτητα, βαθύτης
English - Arabic - profoundness Pronunciation
‏صعوبة، عمق‏
English - Hindi - profoundness Pronunciation
n. गंभीरता, गंभीर-भाव, गहराई
English - Japanese - profoundness Pronunciation
(名) 深み; 難解
English - Korean - profoundness Pronunciation
명. 심연성, 심오함; 추상성; 진지함
English - Vietnamese - profoundness Pronunciation
n. bề sâu của vực thẫm

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