Definition of promiscuous Pronunciation
1. Made up of various disparate elements mixed together; of disorderly composition.
2. Made without careful choice; indiscriminate.
3. Indiscriminate in choice of sexual partners.
4. The mode in which a NIC gathers all network traffic instead of getting only the traffic intended for it.
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English - English - promiscuous Pronunciation
adj. indiscriminate, lacking discernment; wanton, licentious; mixed, blended
English - Spanish - promiscuous Pronunciation
adj. promiscuo
English - French - promiscuous Pronunciation
adj. confus, mêlé; hétérogène; fortuit, casuel; indiscerné
English - German - promiscuous Pronunciation
adj. ge-, vermischt; verworren; gemeinsam; wahllos
English - Italian - promiscuous Pronunciation
agg. promiscuo; che pratica la promiscuità sessuale; indiscriminato; confuso, disordinato
English - Portuguese - promiscuous Pronunciation
adj. promíscuo; misturado; confuso
English - Russian - promiscuous Pronunciation
прил. разнородный, смешанный, неразборчивый, случайный
English - Turkish - promiscuous Pronunciation
s. karışık, karmakarışık, ayırım gözetmeyen, seçici olmayan, önüne gelenle yatan, herkesle yatan, gelişigüzel, rasgele
English - Dutch - promiscuous Pronunciation
bn. relatie : veel relaties hebbend, gemengd, onderscheid : zonder onderscheid, toevallig
English - Greek - promiscuous Pronunciation
επίθ. σύμμικτος, ανάμικτος, ανάμικτος άνευ διακρίσεως, ανακατεμένος, ασύδοτος
English - Chinese - promiscuous Pronunciation
(形) 杂乱的, 混淆的, 混杂的
English - Chinese - promiscuous Pronunciation
(形) 雜亂的, 混淆的, 混雜的
English - Japanese - promiscuous Pronunciation
(形) 乱雑な; 無差別な; 乱交の; 入り混じった
English - Korean - promiscuous Pronunciation
형. 무차별의, 가리지 않고; 닥치는 대로; 뒤죽박죽의, 뒤섞인

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Synonyms for promiscuous
1. indiscriminate: immoral, careless, lewd, loose, licentious
2. mixed: confused, garbled, hotchpotch, indiscriminate