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English English - Definition of prone 
adj. tending, apt, disposed; lying with the face down, prostrate
n. sermon, lecture given by a clergyman for the purpose of religious instruction; extended lecture on behavior or morals; any long speech or lecture, homily, moralizing discourse
v. extol, exalt, glorify
Spanish English To Spanish - prone 
adj. propenso, con tendencia, proclive, tendiente; prono
French English To French - prone 
adj. enclin, porté à; couché sur le ventre
German English To German - prone 
adj. anfällig; bäuchlings
Italian English To Italian - prone 
agg. incline, disposto, propenso; volto verso terra, a faccia in giù, prono; prostrato
Portuguese English To Portuguese - prone 
adj. que tende a-; prono, deitado de barriga para baixo, inclinado, tendente
Russian English To Russian - prone 
прил. лежащий ничком, распростертый, покатый, наклонный, склонный
Turkish English To Turkish - prone 
s. yüzükoyun, başaşağı, yokuş aşağı, eğimli, meyilli, yatkın
Albanian English To Albanian - prone 
adj. shtrirë: i shtrirë, përmbys, prirur: i prirur për
Dutch English To Dutch - prone 
bn. hellend, gebogen, vooroverliggend, steil
Greek English To Greek - prone 
επίθ. μπρούμυτα, ρέπων, πρηνής, επικλινής
ChineseS English To ChineseS - prone 
(形) 有...倾向的, 易于...的; 倾斜的; 俯卧的, 面向下的; 陡的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - prone 
(形) 有...傾向的, 易於...的; 傾斜的; 俯臥的, 面向下的; 陡的
Japanese English To Japanese - prone 
(形) 傾向がある; うつぶせの
Korean English To Korean - prone 
형. 경향이 있는; 수그러진, 얼굴을 아래로 향한
adjective: lying face downward
adjective: having a tendency (to); often used in combination Example:A child prone to mischief.


 Synonyms for prone
1. prostrate: recumbent, flat
2. inclined: apt, bent, predisposed, disposed, liable, tending

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