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English Spanish To English - prontitud 
[prontitud (f)] n. promptitude, immediacy, state of being done without delay; alertness, quickness; readiness, preparedness
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - prontitud 
n. 迅速 (xun4 su4), 速度 (su4 du4), 特派 (te4 paı4)
French Spanish To French - prontitud 
(general) empressement (m); promptitude (f)
German Spanish To German - prontitud 
n. schnelligkeit, schnelle, geschwindigkeit, raschheit, promptheit, lebhaftigkeit, behendigkeit, scharfsinn
Korean Spanish To Korean - prontitud 
n. 신속, 민첩
Russian Spanish To Russian - prontitud 
n. быстрота


 Synonyms for prontitud
celeridad: presteza, velocidad, rapidez, apresuramiento, precipitación

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