Definition of proofreader Pronunciation
1. A person who proofreads.
2. A person whose occupation is to proofread.
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English - English - proofreader Pronunciation
n. one who reads and corrects errors, one who checks for mistakes
English - Spanish - proofreader Pronunciation
s. corrector de pruebas
English - French - proofreader Pronunciation
n. correcteur d'épreuves
English - German - proofreader Pronunciation
n. Korrektor
English - Italian - proofreader Pronunciation
s. correttore di bozze
English - Portuguese - proofreader Pronunciation
s. corretor, revisor
English - Russian - proofreader Pronunciation
с. корректура, корректор
English - Turkish - proofreader Pronunciation
i. düzeltmen, düzeltici, düzeltici [dakt.], musahhih [dakt.]
English - Dutch - proofreader Pronunciation
zn. corrector, proeflezer
English - Greek - proofreader Pronunciation
ουσ. διορθωτής τυπογραφικών δοκιμιών, διορθωτής τυπογραφείου
English - Chinese - proofreader Pronunciation
(名) 校对者
English - Chinese - proofreader Pronunciation
(名) 校對者
English - Japanese - proofreader Pronunciation
(名) 校正係
English - Korean - proofreader Pronunciation
명. 교정자, 교정원

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