Definition of provoking Pronunciation
1. Causing or tending to cause anger or resentment.
A provoking delay at the airport.
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English - English - provoking Pronunciation
adj. angering, irritating, annoying; inciting, instigating; stimulating, arousing
English - Spanish - provoking Pronunciation
adj. provocador, atentatorio, provocante, provocativo
English - French - provoking Pronunciation
adj. irritant, agaçant, excitant
English - German - provoking Pronunciation
[provoke] v. ärgern; reizen; erregen; provozieren
adj. provozierend; aufreizend; hetzend; ärgernd
English - Italian - provoking Pronunciation
agg. provocante, provocativo; urtante, irritante
English - Portuguese - provoking Pronunciation
adj. provocante, irritante, implicante; excitante, estimulante; perturbador, incitador
English - Russian - provoking Pronunciation
прил. раздражающий, неприятный, досадный
English - Turkish - provoking Pronunciation
s. uyandıran, neden olan, çıkaran, can sıkıcı, çekilmez, katlanılmaz
English - Dutch - provoking Pronunciation
bn. ellendig, ergerlijk, tergend
English - Greek - provoking Pronunciation
επίθ. παροξυντικός, προκλητικός, ερεθιστικός
English - Chinese - provoking Pronunciation
(形) 激怒的
English - Chinese - provoking Pronunciation
(形) 激怒的
English - Japanese - provoking Pronunciation
(形) 挑発的な
(動) 怒らせる; 刺激して…させる; 起こさせる
English - Korean - provoking Pronunciation
형. 화나게 하는, 짜증나게 하는; 자극하는, 도발시키는

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Synonyms for provoking
inspiring: poignant, touching, thrilling, stirring, affecting, emotional, moving