Definition of puerto rican Pronunciation
1. A person from Puerto Rico.
2. Of, from, or pertaining to Puerto Rico, or the Puerto Rican people.
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English - Spanish - puerto rican Pronunciation
adj. pue rto rriquejo
s. pue rto rriquejo (m)
English - German - puerto rican Pronunciation
adj. puertoricanisch
n. puertoricaner (m)
English - Italian - puerto rican Pronunciation
agg. portoricano
s. portoricano (m)
English - Russian - puerto rican Pronunciation
с. пуэрториканец (M), пуэрториканка (F),
прил. пуэрториканский
English - Turkish - puerto rican Pronunciation
i. portoriko, portorikolu
English - Dutch - puerto rican Pronunciation
bn. portoricaans
zn. portoricaan
English - Vietnamese - puerto rican Pronunciation
a. thuộc về nước Puerto Rican

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