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English English - Definition of qua 
adv. as, in the function of, in the capacity of
adv. here, this way, hither
adv. qua, as, in the capacity of
Spanish English To Spanish - qua 
adv. como
French English To French - qua 
adv. comme, en fonction de
German English To German - qua 
adv. als, in der Eigenschaft als
Italian English To Italian - qua 
avv. in quanto, come
Portuguese English To Portuguese - qua 
adv. como, pra, pra um
Russian English To Russian - qua 
в качестве; в роли; как; само по себе
Turkish English To Turkish - qua 
zf. sıfatıyla, olarak
English Italian To English - qua 
adv. here, this way, hither
English Dutch To English - qua 
adv. qua, as, in the capacity of
Albanian English To Albanian - qua 
adv. si
Dutch English To Dutch - qua 
adv. qua
ChineseS English To ChineseS - qua 
(副) 以...的资格; 作为...
ChineseT English To ChineseT - qua 
(副) 以...的資格; 作為...
Japanese English To Japanese - qua 
(副) …として; 資格で
Korean English To Korean - qua 
부. ...로서
French Italian To French - qua 
1. (posizione) ici
2. (luogo) voici
3. (direzione) ici
German Italian To German - qua 
adv. her, herzu
name: A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #79496)


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