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English English - Definition of quackishly 
adv. while impersonating, while posing; fraudulently, deceitfully
Spanish English To Spanish - quackishly 
adv. De manera falsa, por medio de charlatanería; por medio del fraude
French English To French - quackishly 
adv. frauduleusement, de façon décevante
German English To German - quackishly 
adv. durch Betrug; durch Vortäuschung
Italian English To Italian - quackishly 
avv. da impostore
Portuguese English To Portuguese - quackishly 
adv. através de falsificação; através de engano
Dutch English To Dutch - quackishly 
bw. door kwakzalverij; door oplichting
ChineseS English To ChineseS - quackishly 
(副) 庸医地; 骗人地; 胡吹地; 一知半解地
ChineseT English To ChineseT - quackishly 
(副) 庸醫地; 騙人地; 胡吹地; 一知半解地
Japanese English To Japanese - quackishly 
(副) いんちきして


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