Definition of quacky Pronunciation
1. That resembles the quack of a duck.
2. Fraudulent; characterised by or using the methods of quackery.
3. Infested with quackgrass.
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English - English - quacky Pronunciation
adj. posing, impersonating; deceptive, misleading, charlatanic
English - Spanish - quacky Pronunciation
adj. Estafador, charlatán; farsante
English - French - quacky Pronunciation
adj. qui vaut la peine
English - German - quacky Pronunciation
adj. Schwindel..., kurpfuscherisch
English - Italian - quacky Pronunciation
agg. da ciarlatano
English - Portuguese - quacky Pronunciation
adj. que envolve farsa, que envolve disfarce; vão
English - Japanese - quacky Pronunciation
(形) いんちきな

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