Definition of quad Pronunciation
1. A quadrangle courtyard.
2. A quadruplet infant.
3. A quadrilateral.
4. A quadriceps muscle.
5. Four shots of espresso.
6. A quad bike.
7. A kind of round robin tournament between four players, where each participant plays every other participant once.
8. The Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price bound in a single volume.
9. Having four shots of espresso.
10. Of or relating to quads.
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English - English - quad Pronunciation
n. room at a hotel for four people; (Slang) quadruplet, one of four siblings born from one pregnancy; (in Printing) quadrat, block of type with less height than other letters used to create a space between words or letters; (Anatomy) quadriceps muscle; (Computers) quarter of a byte, 2 bits
v. (in Printing) fill with quadrats
English - Spanish - quad Pronunciation
[quad. (quadrangle) ] s. Abreviatura de cuadrángulo
English - French - quad Pronunciation
n. chambre d'hôtel pour quatre personnes, chambre d'hôtel pouvant contenir quatre personnes
English - German - quad Pronunciation
(quadrangle) ] n. Viereck
n. Hotelzimmer für vier Personen
English - Italian - quad Pronunciation
s. camera di albergo per quattro persone
English - Portuguese - quad Pronunciation
s. quarto de hotel para quatro pessoas
English - Russian - quad Pronunciation
единица энергии; каталажка; квадрат; квадрат для агрономических исследований; круглая шпация; пробельный материал; тюряга; тягач; учебный плац; четверка
English - Turkish - quad Pronunciation
f. dörtlü sarmak, dörtlü yapmak
i. dörtgen, avlu, dairenin dörtte biri, çeyrek daire, dört ayaklı, dördüzlerden biri, dörtlü, dört telli kablo
German - English - quad Pronunciation
v. (in Printing) fill with quadrats
English - Greek - quad Pronunciation
ουσ. τετράγωνο τύπου, τετράδυμο
German - Turkish - quad Pronunciation
avlu, bahçe, dört ayaklı hayvan, dördüz, dört ayakli hayvan
English - Japanese - quad Pronunciation
(名) ホテルの4人部屋
(名) 四角形
English - Korean - quad Pronunciation
명. 쿼드, 공목, 사분원, 안뜰, 네 쌍둥이 중의 한 사람, 네개 한 벌, 네개 한 세트, 교도소, 상한의, 사분원꼴의 기계 부품, 사분원꼴의 기계 부품등, 사인숭 자전거, 퀘일루드, 헤드라이트가 네개인 차, 사채널 방식, 녹음 등의 사채널 방식, 재생 등의 사채널 방식

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Verb forms for quad
Present participle: quadding
Present: quad (3.person: quads)
Past: quadded
Future: will quad
Present conditional: would quad
Present Perfect: have quadded (3.person: has quadded)
Past Perfect: had quadded
Future Perfect: will have quadded
Past conditional: would have quadded