English - Definiton of quad Pronunciation
n. room at a hotel for four people; (Slang) quadruplet, one of four siblings born from one pregnancy; (in Printing) quadrat, block of type with less height than other letters used to create a space between words or letters; (Anatomy) quadriceps muscle; (Computers) quarter of a byte, 2 bits
v. (in Printing) fill with quadrats
English - Spanish - quad Pronunciation
[quad. (quadrangle) ] s. Abreviatura de cuadrángulo
English - French - quad Pronunciation
n. chambre d'hôtel pour quatre personnes, chambre d'hôtel pouvant contenir quatre personnes
English - German - quad Pronunciation
(quadrangle) ] n. Viereck
n. Hotelzimmer für vier Personen
English - Italian - quad Pronunciation
s. camera di albergo per quattro persone
English - Portuguese - quad Pronunciation
s. quarto de hotel para quatro pessoas
English - Russian - quad Pronunciation
единица энергии; каталажка; квадрат; квадрат для агрономических исследований; круглая шпация; пробельный материал; тюряга; тягач; учебный плац; четверка
English - Turkish - quad Pronunciation
f. dörtlü sarmak, dörtlü yapmak
i. dörtgen, avlu, dairenin dörtte biri, çeyrek daire, dört ayaklı, dördüzlerden biri, dörtlü, dört telli kablo
German - English - quad Pronunciation
v. (in Printing) fill with quadrats
English - Albanian - quad Pronunciation
n. katërkëndësh, kuadrat [poligr.], spacio i gjerë [poligr.]
English - Greek - quad Pronunciation
ουσ. τετράγωνο τύπου, τετράδυμο
German - Turkish - quad Pronunciation
avlu, bahçe, dört ayaklı hayvan, dördüz, dört ayakli hayvan
English - Japanese - quad Pronunciation
(名) ホテルの4人部屋
(名) 四角形
noun: a rectangular area surrounded on all sides by buildings
noun: (printing) a block of type without a raised letter; used for spacing between words
noun: one of four children born at the same time from the same pregnancy
noun: a muscle of the thigh that extends the leg

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Verb forms for quad
Present participle: quadding
Present: quad (3.person: quads)
Past: quadded
Future: will quad
Present conditional: would quad
Present Perfect: have quadded (3.person: has quadded)
Past Perfect: had quadded
Future Perfect: will have quadded
Past conditional: would have quadded