Definition of quartet Pronunciation
1. A music composition in four parts, each performed by a single voice or instrument.
A string quartet.
2. The set of four musicians who perform a piece of music together in four parts.
A quartet of violinists.
3. A group of four.
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English - English - quartet Pronunciation
n. group of four; musical composition for four performers
n. quartet, group of four; musical composition for four performers
English - Spanish - quartet Pronunciation
s. cuarteto, conjunto de cuatro
English - French - quartet Pronunciation
n. quatuor, un quartet de danse, un quartet de musique
English - German - quartet Pronunciation
n. Quartett, Vierergruppe; Musikquartett; Kartenspiel
English - Indonesian - quartet Pronunciation
n. kuartet
English - Italian - quartet Pronunciation
s. quartetto
English - Polish - quartet Pronunciation
n. kwartet
English - Portuguese - quartet Pronunciation
s. quarteto; quarteto musical; quatro coisas iguais
English - Russian - quartet Pronunciation
с. квартет
English - Turkish - quartet Pronunciation
i. dört sesli parça, dörtlü, kuartet
English - Ukrainian - quartet Pronunciation
n. квартет
French - English - quartet Pronunciation
n. quartet, group of four; musical composition for four performers
English - Dutch - quartet Pronunciation
zn. kwartet
English - Greek - quartet Pronunciation
ουσ. κουαρτέτο
English - Arabic - quartet Pronunciation
‏الرباعية لحن معد لأربع آلات، الرباعي مجموعة من أربعة‏
English - Chinese - quartet Pronunciation
(名) 四重奏; 四重奏乐团; 四重唱; 四重唱演出组
English - Chinese - quartet Pronunciation
(名) 四重奏; 四重奏樂團; 四重唱; 四重唱演出組
English - Hindi - quartet Pronunciation
n. चौरागा, चारों का समुदाय
English - Japanese - quartet Pronunciation
(名) カルテット; 四重奏曲; 4つ組; 4人組
English - Korean - quartet Pronunciation
명. 사중주, 사중주곡; 넷으로 된 그룹

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Synonyms for quartet
group of musicians: troupe, ensemble