Definition of queerness Pronunciation
1. The quality of being queer or odd.
2. Something queer; an oddity.
3. The quality of being queer, in the sense of not conforming to normal sexual identities.
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English - English - queerness Pronunciation
n. strangeness, oddity, peculiarity
English - Spanish - queerness Pronunciation
s. rareza
English - French - queerness Pronunciation
n. étrangeté
English - German - queerness Pronunciation
n. Wunderlichkeit; Eigenartigkeit; Merkwürdigkeit; Schwulheit
English - Italian - queerness Pronunciation
s. stranezza, bizzarria; eccentricità, stravaganza, originalità; sospettabilità; indisposizione
English - Portuguese - queerness Pronunciation
s. esquisita
English - Romanian - queerness Pronunciation
n. ciudăţenie, excentricitate
English - Russian - queerness Pronunciation
необычное; странное
English - Turkish - queerness Pronunciation
i. acayiplik, tuhaflık
English - Ukrainian - queerness Pronunciation
n. дивність, незвичайність
English - Dutch - queerness Pronunciation
zn. vreemdheid
English - Greek - queerness Pronunciation
ουσ. αλλόκοτο
English - Arabic - queerness Pronunciation
‏غرابة، شىء غريب‏
English - Chinese - queerness Pronunciation
(名) 奇异, 古怪; 不适, 不快
English - Chinese - queerness Pronunciation
(名) 奇異, 古怪; 不適, 不快
English - Hindi - queerness Pronunciation
n. विलक्षणता
English - Japanese - queerness Pronunciation
(名) 奇妙なこと
English - Korean - queerness Pronunciation
명. 이상함, 유별남

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