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English English - Definition of questioningly 
adv. inquisitively, inquiringly, in the manner of asking
Spanish English To Spanish - questioningly 
adv. De manera intrigadora, por medio de investigación y demanda, por medio de preguntas
French English To French - questioningly 
adv. d'un air interrogateur, d'un ton interrogateur
German English To German - questioningly 
adv. fragend, forschend, in verhörender Weise
Italian English To Italian - questioningly 
avv. interrogativamente; con un interrogatorio; mettendo in dubbio, mettendo in discussione
Portuguese English To Portuguese - questioningly 
adv. por meio de interrogação, através de perguntas interrogadoras
Russian English To Russian - questioningly 
вопросительно; вопрошающе
Japanese English To Japanese - questioningly 
(副) 詮索するように, 不審そうに, 尋ねるように
Korean English To Korean - questioningly 
부. 의문스럽게


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