n. medication used to treat malaria
n. quinacrine, medication used to treat malaria
English - Spanish - quinacrine Pronunciation
s. Remedio para tratar la enfermedad de malaria
English - French - quinacrine Pronunciation
n. quinacrine, médicament contre la malaria
English - German - quinacrine Pronunciation
n. Quinakrin (Medikament gegen Malaria)
English - Italian - quinacrine Pronunciation
s. chinino (farmaco antimalarico)
English - Portuguese - quinacrine Pronunciation
s. quinacrina (remédio contra malária)
English - Russian - quinacrine Pronunciation
English - Turkish - quinacrine Pronunciation
French - English - quinacrine Pronunciation
(f) n. quinacrine, medication used to treat malaria
English - Chinese - quinacrine Pronunciation
(名) 奎纳克林
English - Chinese - quinacrine Pronunciation
(名) 奎納克林
English - Japanese - quinacrine Pronunciation
(名) キナクリン
noun: a drug (trade name Atabrine) used to treat certain worm infestations and once used to treat malaria

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