Definition of race Pronunciation
1. A contest between people, animals, vehicles, etc. where the goal is to be the first to reach some objective. Several horses run in a horse race, and the first one to reach the finishing post wins
The race around the park was won by Johnny, who ran faster than the others.
We had a race to see who could finish the book the quickest.
2. A progressive movement toward a goal.
3. A fast-moving current of water, such as that which powers a mill wheel.
4. Swift progress; rapid course; a running.
5. Competitive action of any kind, especially when prolonged; hence, career; course of life.
6. Travels, runs, or journeys. rfex
7. The bushings of a rolling element bearing which contacts the rolling elements.
8. To take part in a race (in the sense of a contest).
The drivers were racing around the track.
9. To compete against in such a race.
I raced him to the car, but he was there first, so he got to ride shotgun.
10. To move or drive at high speed.
As soon as it was time to go home, he raced for the door.
Her heart was racing as she peered into the dimly lit room.
11. Of a motor, to run rapidly when not engaged to a transmission.
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English - English - race Pronunciation
n. contest of speed; descent, heritage
v. participate in a contest of speed (i.e. running, driving, cycling)
n. race; breed; people
English - Spanish - race Pronunciation
s. carrera, competencia, corrida; raza, alcurnia, casta, especie, estirpe, género, linaje, nacionalidad
v. correr a toda prisa, correr a gran velocidad, correr a velocidad, correr de prisa, darse prisa, echar una carrera
Spanish - English - race Pronunciation
n. race, contest of speed
English - French - race Pronunciation
n. race; course; genre; origine; chemin
v. courir, galoper; participer à une course de vitesse
English - German - race Pronunciation
n. Rennen; Rasse; Herkunft; Abstammung
v. rennen; an einem Rennen teilnehmen
English - Italian - race Pronunciation
s. gara, corsa; (fig) vita, corso della vita, cammino; forte corrente; canale di mulino; (Mecc) gola di scorrimento; anello
v. correre, partecipare a una gara, gareggiare in corsa; andare a tutta velocità; (fig) affrettarsi, precipitarsi; (Mot) imballarsi; (Sport) partecipare alle corse
English - Portuguese - race Pronunciation
s. corrida; raça, gênero
v. correr, participar de uma corrida
English - Russian - race Pronunciation
с. состязание в беге, состязание в скорости, гонки, бег; погоня, быстрое движение; стремительный поток, струя за винтом, быстроток; отводящий канал, искусственное русло; дорожка качения на кольце подшипника, обойма подшипника [тех.], кольцо [тех.]
г. состязаться в скорости; мчаться, быстро двигаться, бежать; гнать, давать полный газ
English - Turkish - race Pronunciation
f. yarışmak, yarıştırmak, yarışa sokmak, acele ile yapmak, hızlı çalışmak (motor), hızlı akmak
i. ırk, döl, soy, nesil, cins, tür, familya, sınıf, tad (şarap), yarış, koşu, at yarışı, mücâdele, akıntı, ömür, hayat, yuva (makine)
French - English - race Pronunciation
(f) n. race; breed; people
Dutch - English - race Pronunciation
n. race, contest of speed
English - Dutch - race Pronunciation
zn. wedren, wedloop, race, wedstrijd, loop, loopbaan, levensloop, stroom, ras, volksstam, stam, notl rht
English - Greek - race Pronunciation
ουσ. αγώνας, αγώνας δρόμου, αγών δρόμου, δρόμος, ράτσα, σόι, φυλή, γενεά, έθνος, γένος
ρήμ. τρέχω, παρατρέχω
French - Spanish - race Pronunciation
1. (anthropologie) raza (f)
2. (animaux) raza (f)
Spanish - French - race Pronunciation
(tráfico) Touring-Club (m)
French - German - race Pronunciation
n. rasse, gattung, zucht, brut, sippe, geschlecht
French - Italian - race Pronunciation
1. (anthropologie) razza (f)
2. (animaux) razza (f)
French - Portuguese - race Pronunciation
1. (anthropologie) raça (f)
2. (animaux) raça (f); espécie (f)
French - Russian - race Pronunciation
n. род (f), порода (f)
French - Turkish - race Pronunciation
[la] soy; ırk; cins
Dutch - French - race Pronunciation
(sport) course (f)
French - Dutch - race Pronunciation
1. (anthropologie) ras (n)
2. (animaux) ras (n); soort (n)
English - Chinese - race Pronunciation
(名) 人种; 民族; 种族; 属, 类, 种#赛跑; 赛马大会; 比赛, 竞赛; 急流
(动) 比速度; 参加赛马; 参加竞赛; 疾走; 与...赛跑, 使空转, 使疾走
English - Chinese - race Pronunciation
(名) 人種; 民族; 種族; 屬, 類, 種#賽跑; 賽馬大會; 比賽, 競賽; 急流
(動) 比速度; 參加賽馬; 參加競賽; 疾走; 與...賽跑, 使空轉, 使疾走
English - Japanese - race Pronunciation
(動) 競走する; レースに出る; 突進する; 急ぐ
(名) 競走; 競技会; 競馬; 競馬会; 急流; 競争; 水路; 人種; 民族; 種族; 家系; 仲間
English - Korean - race Pronunciation
명. 속도 경쟁; 유산
동. 속도경주에 참가하다 (달리기, 자전거, 운전 등의)

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Synonyms for race
1. river: course, stream, duct
2. contest: competition, event, meet
3. mankind: man, people, children, family, culture, generation, kin
4. speed: hasten, hurry, hustle, dash, run, spurt
Verb forms for race
Present participle: racing
Present: race (3.person: races)
Past: raced
Future: will race
Present conditional: would race
Present Perfect: have raced (3.person: has raced)
Past Perfect: had raced
Future Perfect: will have raced
Past conditional: would have raced