Definition of railcar Pronunciation
1. A self-propelled railroad vehicle for passengers.
2. Any railway carriage or wagon, a railroad car.
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English - English - railcar Pronunciation
n. rail vehicle powered by its own engine designed to carry and transport passengers; railroad car
English - Spanish - railcar Pronunciation
English - French - railcar Pronunciation
n. autorail, véhicule automoteur circulant sur rails désigner à transporter des passagers; véhicule sur rail
English - German - railcar Pronunciation
n. Triebwagen, mit einer eigenen Energiequelle versorgter Wagen dazu bestimmt Passagiere zu transportieren; Eisenbahnwagen
English - Italian - railcar Pronunciation
s. vagone ferroviario; automotrice
English - Polish - railcar Pronunciation
n. torpeda
English - Portuguese - railcar Pronunciation
s. tipo de locomotiva
English - Russian - railcar Pronunciation
автомотриса; дрезина; железнодорожный вагон
English - Turkish - railcar Pronunciation
English - Ukrainian - railcar Pronunciation
n. дрезина, залізничний вагон
English - Japanese - railcar Pronunciation
(名) 気動車; 鉄道車両

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