Definition of rape Pronunciation
1. The taking of something by force; seizure, plunder.
2. The abduction of a woman, especially for sexual purposes.
3. The act of forcing sexual intercourse upon another person without their consent or against their will; originally coitus forced by a man on a woman, but now any sex act forced by any person upon another person.
4. That which is snatched away.
5. Movement, as in snatching; haste; hurry.
6. To seize by force. (Now often with overtones of later senses.)
7. To carry (someone, especially a woman) off against their will, especially for sex; to abduct.
8. To force sexual intercourse or other sexual activity upon (someone) without their consent.
9. To plunder, to destroy or despoil.
10. To overpower, destroy (someone); to trounce.
My experienced opponent will rape me at chess.
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English - English - rape Pronunciation
n. act of physically forcing another person to have sexual intercourse; refuse of grapes left after the extraction of the juice in winemaking; European plant of the mustard family (Botany); despoiling, plundering
v. physically force another person to have sexual intercourse; seize, take by force; plunder
n. (Cooking) grater, rasp
English - Spanish - rape Pronunciation
s. violación, estupro; colza; saqueo
v. violar, estuprar; saquear
Spanish - English - rape Pronunciation
[rape (m)] n. close shave; anglerfish
English - French - rape Pronunciation
n. rapt; enlèvement; ravissement; viol; navette, plante voisine du colza
v. violer; kidnapper; ravir; enlever de force, saisir
English - German - rape Pronunciation
n. Vergewaltigung; Raps
v. vergewaltigen
English - Italian - rape Pronunciation
s. razzia, scorreria; (Dir) violenza carnale, stupro; ratto, rapimento; devastazione, saccheggio; (fig) violazione; (bot.) ravizzone; colza
v. violentare, stuprare; (Dir) rapire; (rar) saccheggiare, razziare, depredare
English - Portuguese - rape Pronunciation
s. estupro, violação; resíduo das uvas após a extração do sumo; colza
v. estuprar, violar, deflorar; tomar à força
English - Russian - rape Pronunciation
с. изнасилование; похищение; выжимки винограда; рапс [бот.], капуста полевая [бот.], сурепица [бот.]
г. изнасиловать, насиловать, насильничать, похищать женщину
English - Turkish - rape Pronunciation
f. kirletmek, tecâvüz etmek, ırzına geçmek, kaçırmak, gaspetmek, zorla almak
i. kolza, tecâvüz, ırza tecavüz, ırzına geçme, kız kaçırma, gasp, kolza [bot.], küçük şalgam, üzüm posası
Italian - English - rape Pronunciation
[rapè] n. rappee, snuff, tobacco
English - Dutch - rape Pronunciation
zn. verkrachting, ontering, roof, maagdenroof, ontvoering, schaking, koolzaad
ww. verkrachten, onteren, ontvoeren, schaken
English - Greek - rape Pronunciation
ουσ. βιασμός, γογγύλι, γογγύλη
ρήμ. βιάζω, διακορεύω, απάγω, αρπάζω
Spanish - German - rape Pronunciation
n. seeteufel, rüffel
English - Chinese - rape Pronunciation
(名) 强奸; 洗劫; 强夺#油菜#葡萄渣
(动) 强奸; 洗劫; 强夺
English - Chinese - rape Pronunciation
(名) 強姦; 洗劫; 強奪#油菜#葡萄渣
(動) 強姦; 洗劫; 強奪
English - Japanese - rape Pronunciation
(動) レイプする, 暴行する
(名) レイプ,婦女暴行; セイヨウアブラナ
English - Korean - rape Pronunciation
명. 강간
동. 강간하다; 강탈하다
Spanish - Korean - rape Pronunciation
n. 아귀

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Synonyms for rape
1. abduction: assault, attack, violation, molestation
2. molest: assault, abuse, violate, force, defile, ravish, spoil
Verb forms for rape
Present participle: raping
Present: rape (3.person: rapes)
Past: raped
Future: will rape
Present conditional: would rape
Present Perfect: have raped (3.person: has raped)
Past Perfect: had raped
Future Perfect: will have raped
Past conditional: would have raped