Definition of rarefied Pronunciation
1. Of high moral or intellectual value; elevated in nature or style.
An exalted ideal.
Argue in terms of high-flown ideals"- Oliver Frank.
A noble and lofty concept.
A grand purpose.
2. Having low density.
Rare gasses.
Lightheaded from the rarefied mountain air.
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English - English - rarefied Pronunciation
adj. esoteric; elite; meant only for the initiated or the select few; very refined; of or pertaining to a select group; exalted, elated, euphoric, in high spirits; of extremely high quality in character or style (Literature); having low density, of lower pressure than usual
English - Spanish - rarefied Pronunciation
[rarefy] v. enrarecer, rarefacer, rarificar; enrarecerse, rarefacerse, rarificarse
English - French - rarefied Pronunciation
[rarefy] v. raréfier, raffiner
English - German - rarefied Pronunciation
[rarefy] v. verdünnen; verfeinern
English - Indonesian - rarefied Pronunciation
a. tipis, jernih, dijernihkan: yg dijernihkan, keropos
English - Italian - rarefied Pronunciation
[rarefy] v. (Fis) rarefare; rendere acuto, rendere sottile; purificare, raffinare
English - Portuguese - rarefied Pronunciation
adj. esotérico; elite; muito refinado; de ou relativo a um grupo selecionado; exaltado, eufórico; de alta qualidade (Literatura); de baixa densidade, de baixa pressão
English - Russian - rarefied Pronunciation
прил. разреженный
English - Turkish - rarefied Pronunciation
[rarefy] f. seyreltmek, arıtmak, seyrelmek
English - Ukrainian - rarefied Pronunciation
a. витончений, піднесений, розріджений
English - Greek - rarefied Pronunciation
[rarefy] ρήμ. αραιώνω, καθαρίζω
English - Chinese - rarefied Pronunciation
[rarefy] (动) 使稀少, 使纯化, 使稀薄; 变稀少, 变稀薄
English - Chinese - rarefied Pronunciation
[rarefy] (動) 使稀少, 使純化, 使稀薄; 變稀少, 變稀薄
English - Japanese - rarefied Pronunciation
[rarefy] (動) 希薄にする; 漠然とさせる; 純化する
English - Korean - rarefied Pronunciation
[rarefy] 동. 희박하게 하다, 공기 따위를 희박하게 하다, 가스 따위를 희박하게 하다, 순화하다, 정화하다, 희박해지다

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