n. supporter of rationalism, believer in the doctrine of rationalism
n. rationalist, supporter of rationalism, believer in the doctrine of rationalism; rationalizer, one who bases decisions on logic
n. rationalist
English - Spanish - rationalist Pronunciation
s. racionalista
English - French - rationalist Pronunciation
n. rationaliste, partisan du rationalisme, approche basée sur la raison, méthode philosophique qui voit dans la raison la source de la connaissance
English - German - rationalist Pronunciation
n. Rationalist (Verstandes-orientiert, basiert auf Vernunft und Ratio)
English - Italian - rationalist Pronunciation
s. razionalista
English - Portuguese - rationalist Pronunciation
s. racionalista, pessoa que apoia o racionalismo, racional, baseado na inteligência e no raciocínio
English - Russian - rationalist Pronunciation
с. рационалист
English - Turkish - rationalist Pronunciation
s. akılcı, rasyonel
i. rasyonalist, akılcı
German - English - rationalist Pronunciation
n. supporter of rationalism, believer in the doctrine of rationalism
Dutch - English - rationalist Pronunciation
n. rationalist
English - Albanian - rationalist Pronunciation
n. racionalist
adj. racionalist
English - Dutch - rationalist Pronunciation
bn. rationalistig
zn. rationalist
English - Greek - rationalist Pronunciation
ουσ. ορθολογιστής
German - Spanish - rationalist Pronunciation
n. racionalista (mf)
German - French - rationalist Pronunciation
n. rationaliste (mf)
German - Italian - rationalist Pronunciation
n. razionalista (m)
German - Turkish - rationalist Pronunciation
i. akılcı (m), rasyonalist (m)
Dutch - French - rationalist Pronunciation
(gedrag - man) rationaliste (m)
English - Chinese - rationalist Pronunciation
(名) 唯理论者; 理性主义者
English - Chinese - rationalist Pronunciation
(名) 唯理論者; 理性主義者
English - Japanese - rationalist Pronunciation
(名) 合理主義者
English - Korean - rationalist Pronunciation
명. 합리주의자
German - Chinese - rationalist Pronunciation
[der] 理性论者。纯理论者。理性主义者。
noun: someone who emphasizes observable facts and excludes metaphysical speculation about origins or ultimate causes
adjective: of or relating to or characteristic of rationalism Example:Rationalist philosophy.

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