English - Definiton of ratoon Pronunciation
n. shoot that sprouts from the base of a crop plant (such as pineapple, sugarcane or bananas) after the preceding growth has been cut back; crop produced on such ratoon
English - Spanish - ratoon Pronunciation
retoño, caña de soca, soca
English - German - ratoon Pronunciation
n. eigentliche Ernte, aus den basalen Knospen einer Pflanze neu geschossene Triebe mehrere Ernten ermöglichend (wie z.B. Ananas, Zuckerrohr oder Banane)
English - Italian - ratoon Pronunciation
English - Russian - ratoon Pronunciation
детка; отводок; отросток от корня

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Verb forms for ratoon
Present participle: ratooning
Present: ratoon (3.person: ratoons)
Past: ratooned
Future: will ratoon
Present conditional: would ratoon
Present Perfect: have ratooned (3.person: has ratooned)
Past Perfect: had ratooned
Future Perfect: will have ratooned
Past conditional: would have ratooned