English - English - reaccommodate Pronunciation
v. readapt, rehabituate; match again, suit again, refit
English - Spanish - reaccommodate Pronunciation
v. Reacomodación, acostumbrarse de nuevo; concordar de nuevo
English - French - reaccommodate Pronunciation
v. réacclimater, réadapter; réaccorder, réharmoniser
English - German - reaccommodate Pronunciation
v. wiedergewöhnen
English - Italian - reaccommodate Pronunciation
v. riaccomodare, riadattare
English - Portuguese - reaccommodate Pronunciation
v. reacomodar (-se)
English - Japanese - reaccommodate Pronunciation
(動) 再び用立てる

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Verb forms for reaccommodate
Present participle: reaccommodating
Present: reaccommodate (3.person: reaccommodates)
Past: reaccommodated
Future: will reaccommodate
Present conditional: would reaccommodate
Present Perfect: have reaccommodated (3.person: has reaccommodated)
Past Perfect: had reaccommodated
Future Perfect: will have reaccommodated
Past conditional: would have reaccommodated