Definition of reappropriation Pronunciation
1. The act or process of reappropriating.
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English - English - reappropriation Pronunciation
n. redivision, reallocation, redistribution
n. reappropriation, redivision, reallocation, redistribution
English - Spanish - reappropriation Pronunciation
s. Reapropiación; recomiso, recofiscación
English - French - reappropriation Pronunciation
n. réappropriation, redivision, redistribution
English - German - reappropriation Pronunciation
n. neue Besitzergreifung; neue Verwendung
English - Italian - reappropriation Pronunciation
s. ristanziamento
English - Portuguese - reappropriation Pronunciation
s. reapropriação, designação renovada, destinação renovada
English - Japanese - reappropriation Pronunciation
(名) 再充当

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