Definition of reauthorization Pronunciation
1. A second or subsequent authorization.
2. A renewal of an authorization.
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English - English - reauthorization Pronunciation
[reauthorization (Amer.) ] n. act of giving permission again; recertification (also reauthorisation)
English - Spanish - reauthorization Pronunciation
s. Reatorización, que de nueva autorización
English - French - reauthorization Pronunciation
n. réautorisation, nouvelle autorisation, second accord, nouvelle permission
English - German - reauthorization Pronunciation
n. Wiederermächtigung, jemanden ein Erlaubnis zurückgeben
English - Italian - reauthorization Pronunciation
s. nuova autorizzazione, concessione di una nuova legittimazione
English - Portuguese - reauthorization Pronunciation
s. reautorização, autorização renovada, permissão renovada
English - Japanese - reauthorization Pronunciation
(名) 証明の更新, 証明を再び与えること
English - Korean - reauthorization Pronunciation
명. 재허가

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