n. act of getting, acceptance, act of taking in
English - Spanish - receiving Pronunciation
s. recepción; encubrimiento (compra de propiedad robada)
English - French - receiving Pronunciation
n. réception, achat du propriété volé
English - German - receiving Pronunciation
[receive] v. empfangen; auffangen; bekommen; erhalten
n. Hehler; Einnehmer; Rezipient; Quittung
English - Italian - receiving Pronunciation
s. ricevimento, ricevuta
English - Portuguese - receiving Pronunciation
s. recepção; receptação, compra de propriedade roubada
English - Russian - receiving Pronunciation
с. укрывательство краденого
English - Turkish - receiving Pronunciation
i. kabul, alış, yayını alma, yataklık
English - Dutch - receiving Pronunciation
zn. ontvangst
English - Greek - receiving Pronunciation
[receive] ρήμ. λαμβάνω, υποδέχομαι, δέχομαι
English - Chinese - receiving Pronunciation
(名) 接受
English - Chinese - receiving Pronunciation
(名) 接受
English - Japanese - receiving Pronunciation
(名) 受れ取ること; 故買
(動) 受け取る; 受ける; 受け入れる; 被る; 迎える
English - Korean - receiving Pronunciation
명. 전수, 받아들임, 용납
verb: get something; come into possession of Example:Receive payment.
verb: have or give a reception
verb: receive a specified treatment (abstract) Example:These aspects of civilization do not find expression or receive an interpretation.
verb: regard favorably or with disapproval Example:Her new collection of poems was not well received.
verb: accept as true or valid Example:He received Christ.
verb: partake of the Holy Eucharist sacrament

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Synonyms for receiving
receipt: taking, acceptance, reception, accepting