Definition of recklessness Pronunciation
1. The state or quality of being reckless or heedless, of taking unnecessary risks.
His recklessness repeatedly put him in danger.
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English - English - recklessness Pronunciation
n. rashness, hastiness, impulsiveness, heedlessness
English - Spanish - recklessness Pronunciation
s. imprudencia, atolondramiento, impremeditación, imprudencia temeraria, irreflexión, ligereza, temeridad
English - French - recklessness Pronunciation
n. insouciance; imprudence, témérité
English - German - recklessness Pronunciation
n. Rücksichtslosigkeit; Unbekümmertheit; Leichtsinn
English - Italian - recklessness Pronunciation
s. noncuranza; avventatezza, sconsideratezza, sventatezza
English - Portuguese - recklessness Pronunciation
s. imprudência, negligência, afobação
English - Russian - recklessness Pronunciation
с. безрассудство, ослепление
English - Turkish - recklessness Pronunciation
i. pervasızlık, düşüncesizlik, umursamazlık, dikkatsizlik
English - Dutch - recklessness Pronunciation
zn. roekeloosheid
English - Greek - recklessness Pronunciation
ουσ. απερισκεψία, θράσος, απροσεξία
English - Chinese - recklessness Pronunciation
(名) 鲁莽, 不顾一切, 轻率
English - Chinese - recklessness Pronunciation
(名) 魯莽, 不顧一切, 輕率
English - Japanese - recklessness Pronunciation
(名) 向こう見ず, がむしゃら
English - Korean - recklessness Pronunciation
명. 충동적임, 부주의함, 경솔함, 무모함

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Synonyms for recklessness
desperation: carelessness, trouble, frenzy