Definition of reclassification Pronunciation
1. The act of reclassifying; a second or subsequent classification.
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English - English - reclassification Pronunciation
n. act of classifying again, act of recategorizing, act of sorting again
n. reassortment, reclassification, act of sorting again
English - Spanish - reclassification Pronunciation
s. reclasificación
English - French - reclassification Pronunciation
n. reclassement; seconde classification
English - German - reclassification Pronunciation
n. Re-Klassifikation
English - Italian - reclassification Pronunciation
s. riclassificazione
English - Portuguese - reclassification Pronunciation
s. classificação renovada
English - Russian - reclassification Pronunciation
изменение классификации; переклассификация
French - English - reclassification Pronunciation
(f) n. reassortment, reclassification, act of sorting again
English - Dutch - reclassification Pronunciation
zn. hernieuwde klassering; hernieuwd klassement
English - Greek - reclassification Pronunciation
ουσ. ανακατάταξη, επαναταξινόμηση
English - Chinese - reclassification Pronunciation
(名) 重新分类; 重新安排等级
English - Chinese - reclassification Pronunciation
(名) 重新分類; 重新安排等級
English - Japanese - reclassification Pronunciation
(名) 再分類; 再分類法

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