Definition of recognisable Pronunciation
1. Able to be recognised.
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[recognisable (Brit.) ] adj. identifiable, determinable, able to be distinguished, can be recognized (also recognizable)
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Ex: An index normally hinges on a series of headings or access or entry points arranged in some recognizable order.
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English - German - recognisable Pronunciation
Brit.) ] adj. erkennbar, identifizierbar, kann unterschieden werden, kann erkannt werden
English - Italian - recognisable Pronunciation
agg. riconoscibile
English - Turkish - recognisable Pronunciation
English - Dutch - recognisable Pronunciation
bn. herkenbaar, herkennen : te herkennen
English - Greek - recognisable Pronunciation
(Lex). αναγνωριζόμενος, έγκυρος

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