Definition of record Pronunciation
1. An item of information put into a temporary or permanent physical medium.
The person had a record of the interview so she could review her notes.
The tourist's photographs and the tape of the police call provide a record of the crime.
2. Any instance of a physical medium on which information was put for the purpose of preserving it and making it available for future reference.
We have no record of you making this payment to us.
3. A vinyl disc on which sound is recorded and may be replayed on a phonograph.
I still like records better than CDs.
4. A set of data relating to a single individual or item.
5. The most extreme known value of some achievement, particularly in competitive events.
The heat and humidity were both new records.
The team set a new record for most points scored in a game.
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English - English - record Pronunciation
n. list; evidence; best result ever attained (i.e. World Record); list of events or actions; list of previous criminal activity; phonograph; report; line in a database or spreadsheet that contains a complete set of information (Computers)
v. inscribe, write down, register; inscribe onto a storage medium (such as a disk, tape, video, etc.)
adj. comprising the best result ever attained
English - Spanish - record Pronunciation
s. registro, archivo, expediente; récord, evidencia; disco; historial, antecedentes; (inform.) registro o línea en una base de datos o en una hoja de cálculo
v. registrar, grabar, inscribir; apuntar, tomar nota de
adj. sin precedente, nunca alcanzado
English - French - record Pronunciation
n. registre; témoignage; record; relevé (études, droit); mention (politique), dossier (électricité), disque (variétés), archive (économie), enregistrement; rapport (administration); enregistrement, état
v. enregistrer; inscrire
adj. de record, qui constitue un record
English - German - record Pronunciation
n. Rekord; Aufzeichnung; Schallplatte; Vergangenheit; Zeuge; Liste; (Comput) Datensatz, Eine Zeile in einer Datenbank die alle Daten die zu einem Thema gehören beinhaltet
v. aufzeichnen
adj. Rekord, Höchstleistung; Protokoll; Akte
English - Italian - record Pronunciation
s. registrazione; registro; documentazione; verbalizzazione; curriculum vitae; primato; archivi; (inform.) record
v. prendere nota di, registrare, annotare; verbalizzare, mettere a verbale; mettere per iscritto; indicare, testimoniare; constatare; segnare; incidere su nastro
agg. record
English - Portuguese - record Pronunciation
s. lista; testemunha; recorde; registro (também em informática); passado; disco; o prestar de contas; (informática) registro, planilha de cálculo que contém todos os campos de informação em um só objeto
v. gravar; anotar
adj. (de) recorde, atuação que ultrapassa as anteriores
English - Russian - record Pronunciation
с. запись, регистрация, учет; документ, официальный документ, отчет, протокол; факты, данные; характеристика, портрет, звукозапись; летопись; рекорд
г. записывать, протоколировать, заносить в список, заносить в протокол, регистрировать, записывать на пленку, записывать на пластинку, увековечивать, свидетельствовать
прил. рекордный
English - Turkish - record Pronunciation
f. kayda geçirmek, kaydetmek, çekmek, yazmak, not etmek
i. kayıt, rapor, tutanak, belge, vesika, sicil, dosya, kütük, plak, şöhret, isim, rekor
French - English - record Pronunciation
(m) n. record, list
Italian - English - record Pronunciation
adj. record, comprising the best result ever attained
Dutch - English - record Pronunciation
n. reco rd
English - Dutch - record Pronunciation
zn. lijst; getuigenis; top, hoogtepunt; register (ook in computers); verleden; (grammofoon)plaat, verslag; (in computers) register
ww. noteren; opnemen
bn. record
English - Greek - record Pronunciation
ουσ. δίσκος φωνογράφου, έγγραφο, ιστορικό, μητρώο, πρακτικά, ρεκόρ, αναγραφή, καταγραφή, σημείωμα
ρήμ. εγγράφω, αναγράφω, καταγράφω, φωνογραφώ, ηχογραφώ, καταχωρίζω
French - Spanish - record Pronunciation
1. (général) récord
2. (quantité) récord
3. (sports) récord (m)
Spanish - Russian - record Pronunciation
n. рекорд
French - German - record Pronunciation
n. rekordmarke, rekord
adj. spitzen-
French - Italian - record Pronunciation
1. (général) record
2. (quantité) record; da record
3. (sports) primato (m); record (m)
French - Portuguese - record Pronunciation
1. (général) que quebra recordes
2. (quantité) recorde
3. (sports) recorde (m)
French - Russian - record Pronunciation
n. рекорд (m)
French - Turkish - record Pronunciation
[le] rekor
Italian - French - record Pronunciation
1. (generale) record
2. (quantità) record
3. (sport) record (m)
Italian - German - record Pronunciation
n. höchstleistung, rekord
Portuguese - French - record Pronunciation
(preços) plafond (m)
Dutch - French - record Pronunciation
(sport) record (m)
French - Dutch - record Pronunciation
1. (général) record-
2. (quantité) record-
3. (sports) record (n)
English - Chinese - record Pronunciation
(名) 记录, 有史以来最好的结果 (比如世界记录); 事件或行动的清单, 记载; 前科记录, 以前的犯罪清单; 留声机; 报告; 资料库包含完整信息的一行或分别的一页 (计算机用语)
(动) 记录, 将...录音, 标明; 录音, 被录音
English - Chinese - record Pronunciation
(名) 記錄, 記載; 成績; 履歷, 經歷; 前科記錄
(動) 記錄, 將...錄音, 標明; 錄音, 被錄音
English - Japanese - record Pronunciation
(形) 記録的な
(動) 記録する; 収録する; 録音する; 吹き込む
(名) 記録; 議事録; 成績; 前科; 経歴, 素性, 履歴; 最高記録; (コンピュータ)レコード, 記録, 一つの単位として取り扱われる関連したデータまたは語の集合
English - Korean - record Pronunciation
명. 기록, 레코드, 성적, 특히 최고 기록, 음반, 축음기의 음반, 기사, 이력
동. 기록하다, 받아적다; 녹음하다, 녹화하다
형. 지금까지 가장좋은 결과를 낸, 기록적인
Spanish - Korean - record Pronunciation
n. 기록

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Verb forms for record
Present participle: recording
Present: record (3.person: records)
Past: recorded
Future: will record
Present conditional: would record
Present Perfect: have recorded (3.person: has recorded)
Past Perfect: had recorded
Future Perfect: will have recorded
Past conditional: would have recorded