Definition of redescribe Pronunciation
1. To describe again.
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English - English - redescribe Pronunciation
v. describe again, portray again, depict again
English - Spanish - redescribe Pronunciation
v. Reseñar; describir de nuevo
English - French - redescribe Pronunciation
v. redécrire, repréciser, redessiner
English - German - redescribe Pronunciation
v. wieder beschreiben
English - Italian - redescribe Pronunciation
v. ridescrivere
English - Portuguese - redescribe Pronunciation
v. redescrever, descrever novamente
English - Dutch - redescribe Pronunciation
ww. hernieuwd uitleggen
English - Chinese - redescribe Pronunciation
(动) 重新描述; 完全重新描述
English - Chinese - redescribe Pronunciation
(動) 重新描述; 完全重新描述
English - Japanese - redescribe Pronunciation
(動) 記述を改める

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Dictionary Extension
Verb forms for redescribe
Present participle: redescribing
Present: redescribe (3.person: redescribes)
Past: redescribed
Future: will redescribe
Present conditional: would redescribe
Present Perfect: have redescribed (3.person: has redescribed)
Past Perfect: had redescribed
Future Perfect: will have redescribed
Past conditional: would have redescribed