Definition of redistrict Pronunciation
1. To adjust the borders of districts of a state or other governmental or administrative entity.
2. To redraw the borders of the districts represented by legislators or other elected officeholders in accord with changes in population as shown in the decennial census.
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English - English - redistrict Pronunciation
v. redivide into districts, repartition into regions
English - Spanish - redistrict Pronunciation
v. Dividir nuevamente en distritos
English - French - redistrict Pronunciation
v. rediviser en districts; répartir en quartiers
English - German - redistrict Pronunciation
v. in Regionen neuaufteilen
English - Italian - redistrict Pronunciation
v. dividere in distretti di nuovo
English - Portuguese - redistrict Pronunciation
v. redistribuir em distritos, repartir novamente em distritos
English - Russian - redistrict Pronunciation
(v) пересматривать распределение избирательных округов; проводить новое районирование
English - Dutch - redistrict Pronunciation
ww. opnieuw in distrikten verdelen
English - Greek - redistrict Pronunciation
ρήμ. χωρίζω πάλι σε τμήματα, χωρίζω πάλιν στις περιφέρειες
English - Arabic - redistrict Pronunciation
‏قسم منطقة إنتخاتبة من جديد، قسم المنطقة إداريا من جديد‏
English - Chinese - redistrict Pronunciation
(动) 重新区分, 更改选举区
English - Chinese - redistrict Pronunciation
(動) 重新區分, 更改選舉區
English - Japanese - redistrict Pronunciation
(動) 再区画する

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Dictionary Extension
Verb forms for redistrict
Present participle: redistricting
Present: redistrict (3.person: redistricts)
Past: redistricted
Future: will redistrict
Present conditional: would redistrict
Present Perfect: have redistricted (3.person: has redistricted)
Past Perfect: had redistricted
Future Perfect: will have redistricted
Past conditional: would have redistricted