Definition of reemphasize Pronunciation
1. To emphasize again; to reiterate.
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English - English - reemphasize Pronunciation
[reemphasize (Amer.) ] v. emphasize again, re-stress, accent again (also reemphasise)
English - Spanish - reemphasize Pronunciation
[reemphasize (Amer.) ] v. volver a enfatizar, reacentuar, volver a dar énfasis a, redestacar, reenfatizar, hacer hincapié en, recalcar
English - French - reemphasize Pronunciation
[reemphasize (Amer.) ] v. réappuyer sur
English - German - reemphasize Pronunciation
Amer.) ] v. erneut betonen
English - Italian - reemphasize Pronunciation
[reemphasize (Amer.) ] v. risottolineare, rimettere in evidenza
English - Portuguese - reemphasize Pronunciation
[reemphasize (Amer.) ] v. acentuar de novo
English - Dutch - reemphasize Pronunciation
[reemphasize (Amer.) ] ww. opnieuw benadrukken
English - Greek - reemphasize Pronunciation
(Lex**) τονίστε και πάλι
English - Chinese - reemphasize Pronunciation
(动) 重新强调; 再度强调
English - Chinese - reemphasize Pronunciation
(動) 重新強調; 再度強調
English - Japanese - reemphasize Pronunciation
[reemphasize (Amer.) ] (動) 再強調する
English - Korean - reemphasize Pronunciation
동. 다시 강조하다

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Dictionary Extension
Verb forms for reemphasize
Present participle: reemphasizing
Present: reemphasize (3.person: reemphasizes)
Past: reemphasized
Future: will reemphasize
Present conditional: would reemphasize
Present Perfect: have reemphasized (3.person: has reemphasized)
Past Perfect: had reemphasized
Future Perfect: will have reemphasized
Past conditional: would have reemphasized