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Definition of referee

1. An umpire or judge; the official who makes sure the rules are followed during a game.
The referee kicked Jim out of the game for fighting.
2. A person who settles a dispute.
3. A person who writes a letter of reference or provides a reference by phone call for someone.
Your application, along with letters from three referees, should be received by January 31.
4. An expert who judges the manuscript of an article or book to decide if it should be published.
5. To act as a referee.
He has to referee three hockey games this weekend.
She has to finish refereeing an article for Nature.
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English - English - referee

n. arbitrator, unbiased person who makes decisions and settles disputes; umpire, official who enforces game rules during sports competitions
v. act as referee, make decisions or settle disputes between two parties; enforce the rules at a sports match
v. refer, send, direct

English - Spanish - referee

s. árbitro, arbitrador, referí; recomendante
v. arbitrar, intermediar, terciar

English - French - referee

n. arbitre (Sport; Loi), juge-arbitre (Sport); arbitre-expert; compromissaire
v. faire l'arbitre; arbitrer, remplir les fonctions d'arbitre

English - German - referee

v. Schiedsrichter

English - Indonesian - referee

n. wasit, pemisah, pembuat keputusan
v. mewasiti

English - Italian - referee

s. arbitro, giudice; giudice di gara; (Econ) bisognatario
v. arbitrare

English - Polish - referee

n. sędzia sportowy, arbiter
v. sędziować w sporcie

English - Portuguese - referee

s. árbitro, juiz; perito
v. julgar, ser juiz

English - Romanian - referee

n. arbitru
v. arbitra

English - Russian - referee

с. арбитр, третейский судья, рефери, судья
г. судить, упомянуть

English - Turkish - referee

f. hakemlik etmek, bilirkişilik yapmak
i. hakem, bilirkişi, eksper, raportör

English - Ukrainian - referee

n. арбітр, рефері, суддя
v. судити

English - Dutch - referee

zn. scheidsrechter
ww. persoon die referentie geeft; bemiddelaar

English - Greek - referee

ουσ. διαιτητής, κριτής

English - Arabic - referee

‏حكم في مباراة، قام بمهمة الحكم‏

English - Chinese - referee

(名) 裁判员; 介绍人, 推荐人; 仲裁人, 调停人; 审阅人, 专家
(动) 为...担任裁判; 审阅, 鉴定; 仲裁, 调停; 担任裁判; 审阅, 鉴定; 仲裁, 调停

English - Chinese - referee

(名) 裁判員; 介紹人, 推薦人; 仲裁人, 調停人; 審閱人, 專家
(動) 為...擔任裁判; 審閱, 鑒定; 仲裁, 調停; 擔任裁判; 審閱, 鑒定; 仲裁, 調停

English - Hindi - referee

n. रेफी, पंच, खेल पंच, निर्णयकर्त्ता
v. रेफी का काम करना, पंच का काम करना, खेल पंच का काम करना, निर्णयकर्त्ता का काम करना

English - Japanese - referee

(名) レフェリー, 審判員; 仲裁人
(動) 審判をする

English - Korean - referee

명. 중재자, 조정자, 논쟁을 완화시키고 결정하도록 하는 한쪽으로도 치우치지 않은 사람; 심판
동. ...의 중재를 하다, 중재하다, 심판하다

English - Vietnamese - referee

n. trọng tài, người trọng tài, viên trung phán
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Synonyms for referee
1. arbitrate: judge, umpire
2. arbiter: judge, arbitrator, conciliator, umpire
Verb forms for referee
Present participle: refereeing
Present: referee (3.person: referees)
Past: refereed
Future: will referee
Present conditional: would referee
Present Perfect: have refereed (3.person: has refereed)
Past Perfect: had refereed
Future Perfect: will have refereed
Past conditional: would have refereed