Definition of refined Pronunciation
1. Suggesting taste, ease, and wealth.
2. Free from what is tawdry or unbecoming.
A neat style.
A neat set of rules.
She hated to have her neat plans upset.
3. Freed from impurities by processing.
Refined sugar.
Refined oil.
To gild refined gold"- Shakespear.
4. (used of persons and their behavior) cultivated and genteel.
She was delicate and refined and unused to hardship.
Refined people with refined taste.
5. Showing a high degree of refinement and the assurance that comes from wide social experience.
His polished manner.
Maintained an urbane tone in his letters.
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English - English - refined Pronunciation
adj. purified, filtered, distilled; cultivated, civilized, having fine manners or style
English - Spanish - refined Pronunciation
adj. refinado, acendrado, acrisolado, afinado, delicado, purificado, refino
English - French - refined Pronunciation
adj. raffiné; purifié; distillé; civilisé, cultivé; distingué
English - German - refined Pronunciation
[refine] v. läutern, reinigen, putzen; verfeinern
adj. geläutert, rein; verfeinert
English - Indonesian - refined Pronunciation
a. beradab, sopan, halus, seni
English - Italian - refined Pronunciation
agg. raffinato, purificato; perfezionato, ricercato
English - Polish - refined Pronunciation
a. rafinowany, fryszowany, wyrafinowany, delikatny, wykwintny, subtelny, dystyngowany, wytworny, światowy, nobliwy, salonowy
English - Portuguese - refined Pronunciation
adj. refinado, puro, limpo, purificado; que se tornou delicado, que se tornou refinado, requintado, apurado
English - Romanian - refined Pronunciation
a. fin, rafinat, purificat, delicat, subţire, distins, cultivat, subtil
English - Russian - refined Pronunciation
прил. утонченный, изящный, изысканный, изощренный, очищенный, рафинированный, переработанный, усовершенствованный
English - Turkish - refined Pronunciation
s. arıtılmış, rafine, saf, işlenmiş, ince, kibar, dakik
English - Ukrainian - refined Pronunciation
a. рафінований, витончений, удосконалений
English - Dutch - refined Pronunciation
bn. geraffineerd; gezuiverd; gesublimeerd
English - Greek - refined Pronunciation
επίθ. εξευγενισμένος, ραφινάτος, εκκαθαρισμένος, λεπτός
English - Arabic - refined Pronunciation
‏لبق، مكرر، مشذب، مصقول، نقي، مهذب، رقيق، مصفى، مثقف‏
English - Chinese - refined Pronunciation
(形) 精制的; 精确的; 优雅的
English - Chinese - refined Pronunciation
(形) 精製的; 精確的; 優雅的
English - Hindi - refined Pronunciation
a. निर्मल किया हुआ, सिद्ध किया हुआ, संस्कार किया हुआ, सुसंस्कृत, सुधारा हुआ, चमकाया हुआ
English - Japanese - refined Pronunciation
(形) 精製した; 上品な; 精巧な
(動) 精製する; 洗練する; 漉す
English - Korean - refined Pronunciation
형. 정제된, 정련된; 세련된, 교양있는
English - Vietnamese - refined Pronunciation
a. nguyên chất, tinh chế, lỗi lạc, có học thức

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Synonyms for refined
1. purified: distilled, clarified, strained
2. genteel: civilised, civilized, cultivated, well-bred, polished, elegant, courtly, courteous