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English English - Definition of refractive 
adj. causing refraction, causing rays of light or energy to bend as they pass from one medium into another
adj. refractive, causing refraction, causing rays of light or energy to bend as they pass from one medium into another
Spanish English To Spanish - refractive 
adj. refractivo, refringente
French English To French - refractive 
adj. réfringent; de réfraction
German English To German - refractive 
adj. Brechungs...
Italian English To Italian - refractive 
agg. della rifrazione; rifrangente
Portuguese English To Portuguese - refractive 
adj. refrativo, que causa refração; que desvia os raios (de luz)
Russian English To Russian - refractive 
прил. преломляющий
Turkish English To Turkish - refractive 
s. kıran, ışığı kıran, kırılan, kırılma, sapma
Albanian English To Albanian - refractive 
adj. thyes, përthyes
Dutch English To Dutch - refractive 
bn. breekt lichtstralen
Greek English To Greek - refractive 
επίθ. διαθλαστικός
ChineseS English To ChineseS - refractive 
(形) 折射的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - refractive 
(形) 折射的
Japanese English To Japanese - refractive 
(形) 屈折する; 屈折による
Korean English To Korean - refractive 
형. 굴절하는
adjective: of or relating to or capable of refraction Example:The refractive characteristics of the eye.
adjective: capable of changing the direction (of a light or sound wave)


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