Definition of regular verb Pronunciation
1. A verb which conjugates regularly. In English, a verb which uses an -ed suffix to form its past participle.
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English - English - regular verb Pronunciation
verb that has the usual endings, verb that conforms to grammatical rules (Grammar)
English - Spanish - regular verb Pronunciation
(Gram.) verbo regular
English - French - regular verb Pronunciation
verbe régulier, verbe dont la déclinaison est conforme aux règles garmmaticales, (Grammaire)
English - German - regular verb Pronunciation
regelmäßige Form, Verb
English - Italian - regular verb Pronunciation
verbo regolare
English - Portuguese - regular verb Pronunciation
verbo regular {na gramática}
English - Dutch - regular verb Pronunciation
regelmatig werkwoord (in taalkunde)
English - Japanese - regular verb Pronunciation
規則動詞, 文法的な規則に従って活用する動詞 (文法)

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