Definition of regulatory Pronunciation
1. Restricting according to rules or principles.
A regulatory gene.
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English - English - regulatory Pronunciation
adj. controlling, managing, directing; adjusting to a specific level or condition
English - Spanish - regulatory Pronunciation
adj. administrativo, normativo, regulatorio
English - French - regulatory Pronunciation
adj. régulateur; contrôlé, réglé, dirigé
English - German - regulatory Pronunciation
adj. regelnd, verbessernd, reguliert
English - Italian - regulatory Pronunciation
agg. regolatore
English - Portuguese - regulatory Pronunciation
adj. regulador, reparatório, controlador
English - Russian - regulatory Pronunciation
регулирующий; регуляционный
English - Turkish - regulatory Pronunciation
s. düzenleyici
English - Dutch - regulatory Pronunciation
bn. regulerend; geordend, geschikt
English - Greek - regulatory Pronunciation
(Lex**) ρυθμιστικός
English - Chinese - regulatory Pronunciation
(形) 管理的; 调整的; 控制的
English - Chinese - regulatory Pronunciation
(形) 管理的; 調整的; 控制的
English - Japanese - regulatory Pronunciation
(形) 規則正しい; 統制した; 調整した

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