Definition of reinstitute Pronunciation
1. To institute for a second or subsequent time
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English - English - reinstitute Pronunciation
v. act of instituting again; re-establishment, act of re-setting into operation; act of setting up again, reorganization
English - Spanish - reinstitute Pronunciation
v. reinstituir; re-establecer; refundar nuevamente; reorganizar
English - German - reinstitute Pronunciation
v. wieder institutionieren; wieder in Arbeiten lassen; reorganisieren
English - Dutch - reinstitute Pronunciation
ww. opnieuw stichten, opnieuw invoeren, opnieuw opstellen;
English - Korean - reinstitute Pronunciation
동. 재설립하다; 다시 제정하다, 다시 마련하다; 다시 시작하다, 다시 시행하다

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Verb forms for reinstitute
Present participle: reinstituting
Present: reinstitute (3.person: reinstitutes)
Past: reinstituted
Future: will reinstitute
Present conditional: would reinstitute
Present Perfect: have reinstituted (3.person: has reinstituted)
Past Perfect: had reinstituted
Future Perfect: will have reinstituted
Past conditional: would have reinstituted