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English English - Definition of removed 
[remove] v. take off, shed; take away; eliminate, get rid of; eject, dismiss, discharge
v. dig, rake over, rake up, stir, stir up, move
Spanish English To Spanish - removed 
[remove] v. remover, desasentar, obviar, quitar, sustraer, transplantar; sacar; despojarse, desprender, desprenderse; desmontar; alejar; deducir, extraer, substraer
French English To French - removed 
adj. éloigné; enlevé; démonté; destitué; écarté
German English To German - removed 
[remove] v. entfernen, abnehmen, beseitigen
Italian English To Italian - removed 
[remove] v. togliere, levare, rimuovere; spostare, portare; trasferire, traslocare; allontanare, mandare via; eliminare, sopprimere; destituire, deporre; uccidere, ammazzare, togliere di mezzo; (Chir) estirpare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - removed 
[remove] v. remover, retirar, tirar
Russian English To Russian - removed 
прил. удаленный, отдаленный, несвязанный
Turkish English To Turkish - removed 
[remove] f. kaldırmak, çıkarmak, gidermek, uzaklaştırmak, görevden almak, nakletmek, elini çekmek, ortadan kaldırmak, taşımak, götürmek, başka yere götürmek, yerinden etmek, taşınmak, götürülmek
Albanian English To Albanian - removed 
adj. largët: i largët
Dutch English To Dutch - removed 
[remove] ww. verwijderen, afnemen, uittrekken; afzetten
Greek English To Greek - removed 
[remove] ρήμ. μετακινώ, μετακομίζω, βγάζω, μεταφέρω, απομακρύνω, μεταθέτω, προάγομαι, αφαιρώ
ChineseS English To ChineseS - removed 
[remove] (动) 移动, 搬开; 脱掉; 调动; 去掉, 消除; 迁移, 搬家; 移动; 离开
ChineseT English To ChineseT - removed 
[remove] (動) 移動, 搬開; 脫掉; 調動; 去掉, 消除; 遷移, 搬家; 移動; 離開
Japanese English To Japanese - removed 
[remove] (動) 取り除く; 脱ぐ; 移す; 移転させる
Korean English To Korean - removed 
형. 거리가 떨어진, ...촌의
adjective: taken out of or separated from
adjective: far distant in space Example:A hideaway far removed from towns and cities.
adjective: far distant in time Example:A civilization ten centuries removed from modern times.


 Synonyms for removed
1. unrelated: distant, unaffiliated, obscure, disengaged, unattached, detached
2. separated: transferred, eliminated
3. dismissed: discharged, expelled, banished, rejected, eliminated, recalled, overthrown

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