Definition of repair Pronunciation
1. The act of repairing something.
I took the car to the workshop for repair.
2. The result of repairing something.
If you look closely you can see the repair in the paintwork.
3. The condition of something, in respect of need for repair.
The car was overall in poor repair before the accident. But after the workshop had it for three weeks it was returned in excellent repair. But the other vehicle was beyond repair.
4. To restore to good working order, fix, or improve damaged condition; to mend; to remedy.
To repair a house, a road, a shoe, or a ship
To repair a shattered fortune
5. To make amends for, as for an injury, by an equivalent; to indemnify for.
To repair a loss or damage
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English - English - repair Pronunciation
n. act of fixing, correction, act of mending
v. fix, mend, correct a problem or malfunction
English - Spanish - repair Pronunciation
s. reparación, arreglo, compostura, refección; remiendo
v. reparar, arreglar, componer, enmendar, reacondicionar, remendar, restaurar, subsanar
English - French - repair Pronunciation
n. réparation, dépannage
v. réparer
English - German - repair Pronunciation
n. Reparatur; Ausbesserung
v. reparieren; ausbessern
English - Italian - repair Pronunciation
s. riparazione; stato, condizione, condizioni
v. riparare, accomodare, aggiustare; riassestare, rimettere in sesto; rimediare a, porre riparo a; risarcire, compensare, ripagare, indennizzare
English - Portuguese - repair Pronunciation
s. conserto, reparo
v. consertar, reparar
English - Russian - repair Pronunciation
с. ремонт, исправление, починка, восстановление, репарация, годность, исправность
г. ремонтировать, чинить; исправлять, поправлять; восстанавливать, возмещать; отправляться, направляться, часто навещать, часто посещать
English - Turkish - repair Pronunciation
f. tamir etmek, onarmak, yamamak, gidermek, telâfi etmek, zararını ödemek, gitmek, çekilmek
i. tamir, tamirat, onarım, durum, hal, sığınak, barınak
English - Dutch - repair Pronunciation
zn. reparatie
ww. repareren
English - Greek - repair Pronunciation
ουσ. επιδιόρθωση, επισκευή
ρήμ. επιδιορθώνω, μπαλλώνω, επισκευάζω, διορθώνω, πηγαίνω
English - Chinese - repair Pronunciation
(名) 修理; 修理工作; 修补; 修补工作#常去之处
(动) 修理; 补救; 修补; 纠正; 修理, 修补; 去, 集合, 常去
English - Chinese - repair Pronunciation
(名) 修理; 修理工作; 修補; 修補工作#常去之處
(動) 修理; 補救; 修補; 糾正; 修理, 修補; 去, 集合, 常去
English - Japanese - repair Pronunciation
(動) 修理する; 償う; 回復する; 行く
(名) 修理; 修理作業; 償い; 回復
English - Korean - repair Pronunciation
명. 수선, 수리
동. 수선하다, 수리하다

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Synonyms for repair
1. fix: correct, amend, rectify, mend, patch, remodel, renew
2. reconstruction: reformation, restoration, replacement
3. atone for: redress
Verb forms for repair
Present participle: repairing
Present: repair (3.person: repairs)
Past: repaired
Future: will repair
Present conditional: would repair
Present Perfect: have repaired (3.person: has repaired)
Past Perfect: had repaired
Future Perfect: will have repaired
Past conditional: would have repaired