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English English - Definition of requital 
n. reciprocal act; compensation, repayment; revenge, retaliation
Spanish English To Spanish - requital 
s. desquite
French English To French - requital 
n. acte récipropre; compensation, récompense; retour; revanche
German English To German - requital 
n. Vergeltung
Italian English To Italian - requital 
s. contraccambio, ricambio; compenso, ricompensa; rappresaglia, vendetta
Portuguese English To Portuguese - requital 
s. recompensa, prêmio, compensação; vingança
Russian English To Russian - requital 
с. воздаяние, вознаграждение, возмездие, компенсация
Turkish English To Turkish - requital 
i. karşılık, bedel, ödül, öç, misilleme
Albanian English To Albanian - requital 
n. shpërblim, shpagim
Dutch English To Dutch - requital 
zn. vergoeding, beloning; vergelding, weerwraak
Greek English To Greek - requital 
ουσ. ανταπόδοση
ChineseS English To ChineseS - requital 
(名) 报酬; 报复
ChineseT English To ChineseT - requital 
(名) 報酬; 報復
Japanese English To Japanese - requital 
(名) 返礼; 仕返し
Korean English To Korean - requital 
명. 상호작용; 보답, 보상; 보복
noun: an act of requiting; returning in kind
noun: a justly deserved penalty


 Synonyms for requital
atonement: redress, amends, damages, retribution, satisfaction, consideration, compensation

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