Definitions and translations for "reserve"

Definition of reserve

1. Restriction.
1. The act of reserving, or keeping back; reservation; exception.
I accept your view with one reserve.
2. Restraint of freedom in words or actions; backwardness; caution in personal behavior.
2. That which is reserved, or kept back, as for future use.
3. A natural resource known to exist but not currently exploited.
New oil reserves are continuously being discovered, but not as fast as the existing ones are running out.
4. A tract of land reserved, or set apart, for a particular purpose; as, the Connecticut Reserve in Ohio, originally set apart for the school fund of Connecticut; the Clergy Reserves in Canada, for the support of the clergy.
5. Canada A tract of land set apart for the use of an Aboriginal group; Indian reserve (compare US reservation.)
6. Military A body of troops kept in the rear of an army drawn up for battle, reserved to support the other lines as occasion may require; a force or body of troops kept for an exigency.
7. Finance Funds kept on hand to meet planned or unplanned financial requirements.
8. Wine held back and aged before being sold.
3. Something initially kept back for later use in a recreation.
9. Sports A member of a team who does not participate from the start of the game, but can be used to replace tired or injured team-mates.
10. Card games A group or pile of cards dealt out at the beginning of a patience or solitaire game to be used during play.
4. In exhibitions, a distinction indicating that the recipient will get a prize in the event of another person being disqualified.
5. A resist.
6. A preparation used on an object being electroplated to fix the limits of the deposit.
7. To keep back; to retain.
We reserve the right to make modifications.
8. To keep in store for future or special use.
This cake is reserved for the guests!
9. To book in advance; to make a reservation.
I reserved a table for us at the best restaurant in town.
10. To make an exception of; to except.
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English - English - reserve

n. stock, supply; military force that is not on active duty but can be mobilized as needed; park, area of land set aside for a specific use; restraint, reticence, formality of behavior; supply of readily available cash (Finance)
v. save for later, keep back for future use, retain; set aside for a specific purpose; order in advance (hotel room, airline ticket, etc.)
n. reserve, stock, supply; military force that is not on active duty but can be mobilized as needed; restraint, reticence, formality of behavior

English - Spanish - reserve

s. reserva, acopio; comedimiento, recato, reservación, retraimiento, sigilo
v. reservar; reservarse

Spanish - English - reserve

[reservar] v. reserve, save for later, keep back for future use, retain; set aside for a specific purpose; order in advance (hotel room, airline ticket, etc.)

English - French - reserve

n. réserve; stock, approvisionnement; réserviste, force militaire pouvant être mobilisé en cas de besoin; réserve naturelle, parc naturel; restriction, retenue (vente), réserve monétaire (Finance)
v. réserver; retenir; ménager, économiser; garder

English - German - reserve

n. Reserve; Reservedienst; Reservierung; Zurückhaltung
v. reservieren; speichern; sparen, (sich) vorbehalten

English - Indonesian - reserve

n. cadangan, simpanan, cagar alam, lingga alam, syarat, terkendali: sifat terkendali, diam: sikap diam, tutup mulut: sikap tutup mulut, hati-hati: sikap hati-hati, kelakuan hati-hati
v. menyimpan, mencadangkan, menunda, mengundurkan, menyediakan, membakikan, memesan
a. cadangan, serap

English - Italian - reserve

s. riserva, scorta; scorta monetaria; limitazione, condizione, restrizione; riservatezza, riserbo; autocontrollo
v. serbare, conservare, riservare, tenere in serbo; riservarsi; destinare; (rifl) serbare le forze, risparmiarsi; prenotare

English - Polish - reserve

n. zapas, rezerwa, zastrzeżenie, powściągliwość, powściągnięcie, dyskrecja, odwód, rezerwat, gracz rezerwowy, oziębłość
v. zapas: odłożyć w zapasie, przeznaczyć, zastrzec, rezerwować, zarezerwować, obwarować, przeznaczać, zastrzegać
a. zapasowy, rezerwowy, odwodowy, zasobowy

English - Portuguese - reserve

s. estoque, reserva; reserva (do serviço militar); reserva florestal; controle, contenção
v. reservar, guardar, preservar; acumular; economizar

English - Romanian - reserve

n. rezervă, stoc, provizii, disponibilitate, cumpătare, discreţie, restricţie, reticenţă, răceală {fig.}, jenă, corectiv, rezervaţie, rezervist {mil.}
v. rezerva, reţine, cumpăra, păstra

English - Russian - reserve

с. запас; оговорка; заповедник; резерв, резервный фонд; резервная служба, резервист; запасной игрок; условие; изъятие; скрытность, осторожность; недомолвка, умолчание
г. откладывать, запасать, сберегать; предназначать, резервировать, бронировать (места), заказывать заранее; сохранять за собой

English - Turkish - reserve

f. ayırmak, tutmak, ayırtmak, rezerve ettirmek, hakkı saklı tutmak, ertelemek, sonraya bırakmak
i. yedek, stok, ihtiyat, fon, korumaya alınmış arazi, ön koşul, şart, rezerv, kaynak, çekingenlik

English - Ukrainian - reserve

n. запас, резерв, заповідник, замовчування, фонд
v. запасати, зберігати, резервувати, залишати, замовляти заздалегідь, зарезервувати, приберігати
a. запасний, резервний

German - English - reserve

v. save for later, keep back for future use, retain; set aside for a specific purpose; order in advance (hotel room, airline ticket, etc.)

Dutch - English - reserve

adj. spare
n. reserve, second string, stand-by

English - Dutch - reserve

zn. voorraad; reservedienst; reservaat; beheersing
ww. reserveren; bewaren; sparen, besparen

English - Greek - reserve

ουσ. απόθεμα, επιφύλαξη, εφεδρεία, έφεδρος
ρήμ. εξασφαλίζω, επιφυλάττω, κρατώ

German - Spanish - reserve

n. reserva (f)

German - French - reserve

n. réserve (f), réserve d'énergie (f)

German - Italian - reserve

n. riservatezza (f), riserva (f), scorta (f), complemento {mil.} (m)

German - Russian - reserve

n. резерв (f), запас (f), сдержанность (f)

German - Turkish - reserve

i. yedek (f), sakınganlık (f)

Dutch - French - reserve

1. (voorwerpen) de rechange; supplémentaire; de réserve 2. (algemeen) réserve (f)
3. (twijfel) réserves (fp); réticences (fp) 4. (hoeveelheid) provision (f); réserve (f); stock (m); approvisionnement (m)
5. (voorwerpen) objet de réserve 6. (militair) réserve (f)

German - Dutch - reserve


English - Arabic - reserve

‏إدخار، تحفظ، مال إحتياطي، تكتم، سر، ذخيرة‏
‏حجز، حفظ، دخر، إحتاط، تحفظ، إستبقى جزءا من، أرجأ‏

English - Chinese - reserve

(名) 储备; 保留; 储备金; 储藏量
(动) 保留, 预订, 保存

English - Chinese - reserve

(名) 儲備; 保留; 儲備金; 儲藏量
(動) 保留, 預訂, 保存

English - Hindi - reserve

n. रिज़र्व, रोक, संशय, सावधानी, निग्रह, आत्मसंयम, मानसिक गमींरता
v. अलग करना, अलग रखना, बचा रखना, रिज़र्व करना, रोकना
a. रिज़र्व

English - Japanese - reserve

(動) 蓄える; 予約する; 差し控える
(名) 蓄え; 準備金; 留保; 売却最低価格; 制限; 保留地; 予備兵

English - Korean - reserve

명. 비축, 저장; 예비군; 보호지, 특별보류지; 제한, 한정; 준비금, 예비금 (상업)
동. 다음에 쓰기 위해 저축하다, 보관하다; 특별한 목적을 위해 따로 확보해 두다; 미리 예약하다 ( 호텔방이나 비행기 표 등을)

English - Vietnamese - reserve

n. sự để dành tiền, vai phòng hờ, khoảng đất để dành, sự hạn chế, sự giới hạn, sự giử gìn, sự cẩn thận, sự thận trọng
v. để dành, để riêng, để dành chổ ngồi, dành quyền hạn cho mình, giử gìn, kín đáo

German - Chinese - reserve

[die] pl.Reserven 物质储备。储备金。储存。备用品。后备军。预备役。(体育)预备队员。

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Verb forms for reserve
Present participle: reserving
Present: reserve (3.person: reserves)
Past: reserved
Future: will reserve
Present conditional: would reserve
Present Perfect: have reserved (3.person: has reserved)
Past Perfect: had reserved
Future Perfect: will have reserved
Past conditional: would have reserved