n. dwelling place, abode; home, domicile; act of living, act of residing; period of time that one lives in a particular place; headquarters of a business
n. residence, habitation, dwelling; hostel, mansion, abode; inn, place, quarters
n. residence, residency; apartment hotel, (British) service flats
English - Spanish - residence Pronunciation
s. residencia, alojamiento, avecindamiento, domicilio, habitación, morada; estadía
English - French - residence Pronunciation
n. résidence, domicile, maison; demeure, habitation; logement
English - German - residence Pronunciation
n. Haus, Residenz
English - Italian - residence Pronunciation
s. residenza, abitazione; casa signorile; permanenza, soggiorno; (Dir, Comm) sede centrale
English - Portuguese - residence Pronunciation
s. residência, moradia, casa
English - Russian - residence Pronunciation
с. проживание, пребывание, местожительство; местопребывание, резиденция; время пребывания, длительность пребывания
English - Turkish - residence Pronunciation
i. ev, konut, ikametgâh, mesken, konak, ikâmet, oturma, işyerinde yatıp kalkma
Italian - English - residence Pronunciation
n. residence, residency; apartment hotel, (British) service flats
English - Albanian - residence Pronunciation
n. vendbanim, banesë, shtëpi, banim
English - Dutch - residence Pronunciation
zn. huis, woonplaats, domicilie
English - Greek - residence Pronunciation
ουσ. διαμονή, οίκημα, κατοικία
English - Chinese - residence Pronunciation
(名) 居住; 住所; 合法居留资格; 住宅
English - Chinese - residence Pronunciation
(名) 居住; 住所; 合法居留資格; 住宅
English - Japanese - residence Pronunciation
(名) 住居; 居住; 駐在
English - Korean - residence Pronunciation
명. 주소, 거주지, 주재지; 집, 주택; 거주, 주거; 거주기간; 사업의 본소재지
noun: the official house or establishment of an important person (as a sovereign or president) Example:He refused to live in the governor's residence.
noun: any address at which you dwell more than temporarily Example:A person can have several residences.
noun: the act of dwelling in a place
noun: a large and imposing house

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Synonyms for residence
address: abode, headquarters, domicile, dwelling, habitation, location, house