Definition of resoundingly Pronunciation
1. With a loud, resonant sound.
The bells tolled resoundingly.
2. Emphatically, so as to be celebrated.
The children resoundingly defeated the bully.
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English - German - resoundingly Pronunciation
English - Indonesian - resoundingly Pronunciation
adv. menyolok sekali: dgn menyolok sekali, menyolok mata: dgn menyolok mata sekali, meyakinkan: secara meyakinkan
English - Italian - resoundingly Pronunciation
avv. in modo risonanate, in modo echeggiante
English - Romanian - resoundingly Pronunciation
adv. zgomot: cu zgomot, zgomotos
English - Greek - resoundingly Pronunciation
επίρ. ηχηρώς
English - Chinese - resoundingly Pronunciation
(副) 轰动地; 成功地
English - Chinese - resoundingly Pronunciation
(副) 轟動地; 成功地

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