n. duty, obligation; accountability, liability; thing which a person is requested to do as part of a job or a role or as a legal obligation
English - Spanish - responsibility Pronunciation
s. responsabilidad, cargo, deber; confiabilidad, sentido del deber, seriedad
English - French - responsibility Pronunciation
n. responsabilité; obligation; devoir
English - German - responsibility Pronunciation
n. Verantwortung
English - Italian - responsibility Pronunciation
s. responsabilità
English - Portuguese - responsibility Pronunciation
s. responsabilidade
English - Russian - responsibility Pronunciation
с. ответственность, платежеспособность, вменяемость, обязанность, обязанности, обязательство
English - Turkish - responsibility Pronunciation
i. sorumluluk, mesuliyet, yükümlülük, güvenilirlik, sağlamlık, ödeme gücü, temyiz gücü
English - Albanian - responsibility Pronunciation
n. përgjegjësi
English - Dutch - responsibility Pronunciation
zn. verantwoordelijkheid
English - Greek - responsibility Pronunciation
ουσ. ευθύνη, υπευθυνότητα, αξιοπιστία
English - Chinese - responsibility Pronunciation
(名) 责任, 负担, 职责
English - Chinese - responsibility Pronunciation
(名) 責任, 負擔, 職責
English - Japanese - responsibility Pronunciation
(名) 責任; 負担; 信頼性
English - Korean - responsibility Pronunciation
명. 의무; 책임
noun: a form of trustworthiness; the trait of being answerable to someone for something or being responsible for one's conduct Example:He holds a position of great responsibility.
noun: the social force that binds you to your obligations and the courses of action demanded by that force Example:Every right implies a responsibility.
noun: the proper sphere or extent of your activities

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Synonyms for responsibility
1. accountability: liability, amenability, answerability, contract, duty, obligation, burden
2. reliability: trustworthiness, stability, efficiency, capability, capacity